Your Stem Cells in Your Peepee Making Surgery or Embryonic Methods Obsolete

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Oh Yeah, Back to Your PeePee Again!  And as a Reminder, It’s Your PeePee Not Anyone Else’s Even If You Have “Diseases” – Courtesy from a Healing Genius and Good Hearted Humanitarian, Dr. Edward Group

Your Stem Cells in Your Peepee Making Surgery or Embryonic Methods Obsolete.  Getting Stem Cells from Embryos Was Never Necessary but You Know the Wicked and their Tares Offspring, They Love Killing Kids

Why So Much About PeePee Theses Days?  1. It’s Free 2. It’s Optimized for You 2. It Can Replace Expensive Skin Creams 4. You Don’t Have to Do it That Long if Worried About the Stank 5. It’s funny 6. It’s from God  7. Life Comes Out of the Organs involved with Reproduction as Dr. Group Points Out  8. Pee Pee maybe needed significantly as in not only topically but drinking it for the Vaxxd in order to survive (that and clays, going alkaline, baking soda, supercharged C-60 as Dr. Group mentioned – otherwise you’ll die and it will be a surprise)

Verified:  Peepee does work on the skin making it look younger (as Dr. Group said it would)!  Peepee works on warts (see  Peepee also works on toe fungus.  Dr. Group and his clients:  Peepee regrows hair in bald spots.   >>> You just need to focus and do it right, your morning urine is said to be best (assuming you don’t go pee a bunch of times a night because you keep drinking water all night, hmmm) 

Free UROPATHY (PeePee Therapy) Therapy PDF  – other countries have much more expertise 

Indians used urine to knockout their “covid” heavy flu in 2 days. 

Here is the post link

Scientists from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University, and colleagues, discovered the existence of stem cells in human urine and confirmed their regenerative potential. Their findings were published in the journal Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology.

Gathering stem cells from urine offers some pretty obvious advantages over previous methods. Largest among them are eliminating the need for invasive surgeries. While urinating in a doctor’s office or even having a catheter aren’t the most comfortable experiences, they beat a meeting with a scalpel every single time.

Researchers found that collecting urine over a 24-hour period results in approximately 140 clonal stem cells. That’s not a whole lot, but they proliferate quickly. In the lab, scientists observed those same 140 cells expanding to more than 100 million over a period of three weeks.

Their most recent research looked into the telomerase activity of urine-derived stem cells (USC). Telomerase is an enzyme which is critical for the regeneration of cells and differentiation into other cell types. They confirmed that telomerase-positive USCs have the potential for regeneration and the ability to differentiate into other cell types. Importantly, they also found that they do not form teratoma, a complex form of tumor, making them a safe source of cells for clinical applications.

Continued research is needed before we’ll be able to use urine-derived stem cells in a hospital setting, but their discovery means we’ll no longer be flushing a valuable medical resource down the drain.



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