You Must Stay Away from Jabbed – A Cure Needs to Be Released or Jabbed Must Be Isolated Out

  • Listen to experts on video below.
  • Jabbed are shedding all over the place and their shedding can get you vaxxed or close to it especially if you exchange bodily fluids or touch them or touch what they touch.
  • Jabbed are growing venom ducts and glands as if they are snakes
  • are the jabbed turning into Darksied Paradaemones from DC Comics : cyborg zombie demons – and if they bite you, you turn into one too (probably applies to kissing, sex or any other bodily fluid exchange)
  • We need that Great Solar Flash NOW
  • The cure must be releases as well as the medbeds
  • The public who took the jab must be formally alerted and educated on how to at least fight it back with herbs, diet, super charged C60, urine drinking (see Dr. Group / Mike Adams video from Health Ranger Report on that one for restoring DNA and being anti snake venom), glutathione jacking up with NAC and other substances, extra magnesium, megadosing D3 + mega dosing K2 MK7 with extra beta carotene, magnesium and boron, you must eat an alkaline forming diet – find Dr. Sebi diet on line.  REPENT in your foods.  Get back to original design.  Repent to Christ – see the salvation prayer on the right hand menu:  You may be passing soon so don’t let that catch you by surprise.  Do all good and correct things to put you in position for being right with God and inheriting eternal life. 
  • But also don’t entertain the emotion of fear but do take this info utterly seriously.  Turn emotional energy into action. Just do your next steps. Anyone could drop dead at any second for anything – is that not a FACT?  Yes. That is reality. We all must always be prepared to exit this 3D realm and face the life review. 
  • Military must act now. Take everything over.  Release the cures.  Save the planet and the people.  The good military is the only way. 
  • Spiritual Military:  Employ the Host of Heaven and utterly destroy, wipe out, bring to dust the ENTIRE Kingdom of Darkness.  See our posts about how to Employ the Host Army Angels Many of Which are Giant Transformers

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