You DO Realize that the Bad Guys Want to TOTALLY Exterminate You Right? – No Not Even 500 Million as Says the ‘Georgia Guidestones’ will Remain


Most people can’t fathom that some one would actually lie to them, lying to their face and do it over and over.  But too bad.  And if you don’t deal with it quick and realize what’s a steak, you and everyone you know will be terminated.  No this is not an exaggeration.  These bad guys have been telling you this for years in their publications and now they are doing so openly.

If you are sympathetic to the bad guys then you have turned against God, your country and at this point in time, all humanity.  It maybe shocking to some of you who do not have a lot of life experience, or to those who have not really had to deal with bad people much.   But I have.  And some people are just… bad.  Maybe they will repent later.  But at times like these, well, and after 4 years of warning plus decades of warning before, there reaches a point where bad will just continue being bad and the good will just continue being better.  Goats vs. sheep.  Some people are so far gone, they just refuse to change and chronically choose evil.  You can’t appease evil.  It will consume you and destroy you.   You can think about that for your relationships.  But at this point in time, the line in the sand has been drawn.   There is no more time to tolerate evil because at this point, it will destroy you.  It’s time to step up.  It’s time to take back the Earth and occupy until Jesus returns as He has commanded you in the New Testament.

So many are into following teaching of demons, fallen angels and the like but are too lazy to pick up the Bible.   They spend lots of time effort and money in their dark secrets pursuits, while going around in circles following ‘ancient Babylonian mysteries’ of one form or another with billions following those fundamentally Babylonian religions.

People wonder about space, the different designs in space, the constellations, the “space art” and the arrangement of stars and planets with times and seasons.  They act like it’s some mystery, like all of these stellar arrangements are accidents.   They chase mysterious answers and questions.  But they are too lazy to pick up the Bible and just accept what God says or even ask God Himself, the Designer of all things.   Or is your creator, is your ancient daddy an amoeba? 

Of recent I’m seeing all these reports people talking and imagining that it’s going to be okay if they allow the kingdom of darkness to win.  How foolish! The bad guys even told you what they want to do to you.  So you can imagine it till you get sucked into another scam by Lucifer and his demons.

Wake up! There’s only one way out and that is upwards.    Just think about this those who voted and are still backing the kingdom of darkness for the sake of their lame loser convenience, for the sake of their comfort zone and for the sake of looking to please their demon pals that surround them (well, those demons surround just about everybody except a couple few maybe).  They have become traitors to: 1. this country.  2. All humanity 3. to God well (if you say you belong to God by receiving Christ that would make you a traitor, otherwise your “just” an enemy of God).

All throughout history every country  had to step up and defend themselves.   And this time you’re battling the kingdom of darkens in  the spirit realm and in the Physical Realm. 

But this time, it is no cartoon.  It is no fairy tail.  This is not an imaginary thing.  It’s the real thing and it’s bigger than all the world wars combined.   Do not fail your country or the Kingdom of Heaven and all of humanity.   Because right now,  even though a lot of “conservative”  commentators are trying to make this sound like some regular political thing.  Shame on them.   They’re doing you, Heaven and all of humanity a great disservice by not telling you the truth and dealing with the whole truth.   

These bad guys want to exterminate ALL of you and anyone left will be transformed into an  irredeemable human, plus machine, plus whatever genetic hybrid.   And just like the beings who had their DNA corrupted (as the bad guys want to do to you starting with their “vaccine”) on Earth Before the Flood (except for Noah and his family), you will become irredeemable and will be tossed into the Lake of Fire.   Wake up.   Step Up.  Conquer and occupy until Jesus Returns.  

Remember:  you can NEVER appease evil.  If you give it an inch, it will take 10,000 miles and consume you.

And what is evil?  It’s anything of the realm of negative emotions and their consequent actions.  It’s anything that goes against what the Creator and Sustainer of everything says is good and says to do and not do.  It’s anything that runs contrary to the whole New Testament. 

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