You Can Cleanse the Depop Shot “Vax” Out? Listen to One of the Planets Best Natural Healers

This Guy Has Cured About Everything You Can Think Of Even Blind Seeing, Paraplegic Walking, Getting Rid of Herpes, HIV, And So Much More… How?  By Honoring God and His Ways of Creation…  Listen – He Could Help Save Your Life

Also Listen Non Vax’d – The Vaxed Are Offgassing the Spike Proteins and Whatever Other Hideous Thing that  You Can Taste, Smell and Even Feel as in Feeling of Ressonance.  These Vax’d People Have Become DEADLY as Reports of Non Vaxed Picking Up Problems from the Vax’d (Not that the Vax’d are immune since they are expexted to have a maximum average life expectancy of 2 more years from their vax)

Learn from this guy.  He can save your life .  Hopefully this video is still up there since he’s started going off on the evil ones and Satanic allopathic medicine.  He’s been a long time patriot as well:   Here is his channel in case this vid gets taken down

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