Yoga is Demonic and Opens You Up to Possession and Others

Check this video out.  This lady has a seer anointing.  She was a victim of satanic abuse rituals.  She used to be in the satanic occult and knows all the witchcraft stuff and wicked tricks of the enemies.  She was later saved, born again and freed by Jesus.

Each Yoga pose is a worship pose to a demon, a fallen angel, all the way back from the tower of Babylon times. What do you think God’s going to think about you worshiping Lucifer & the fallen angels. Yeah. Not good. If you want Lucifer & the fallen angels, you’ll get them, for an eternity!

Advice: It may seem confusing. It may seem like ‘everyone from my church is doing it so it must be ok’. You may say, ‘oh I’m not worshiping demons, I’m in it for the stretching and the exercise.’ Well may I suggest you start studying what’s going on in the spirit realm. Look up Dr. Michael Lake books and videos. Look up Shelia Zilinsky look up and listen to everything of Kat Kerr (on Youtube and her websites (buy all her CD’s (cheap)). You’ll see that there is a very real war, and that war is for your soul. Who will you worship? Who will you obey? Jesus as Lord by walking in the Spirit in real time and by obeying all His commands of the New Testament? Or Satan as lord, obeying self, sin, the flesh, the ways of this world, while not knowing and disobeying God? Be careful. Eternity is a long time. It’s super easy to get deceived especially if you are not reading the Bible 3-5 times a year these days. (see the right side menu for free plans and system).

Yoga invites demons.  They will even occupy the area where Yoga is practiced.  Listen to around the 12 minute mark on how her kid started going nuts infected by demon Kali of Hinduism. Holy Spirit told her it was this particular demon.  Yes Hindus, your religion is derived from Babylon, fallen angels and their hybrid offspring which are called “demons” or workers of the Kingdom of Darkness.  Repent to your Maker, God the Father and God the Son through Whom you were made and nothing of the visible realm was made without Jesus.  And yes you were “reincarnated” in that you were a spirit being who lived inside God and even asked to come her Earth problem telling God the Father that you would help set the humans straight and to proclaim God’s glory.   Go talk to God your Maker, the One you KNOW in your sense of KNOWING Who is God and get right with Him.  Keep pursuing God and show that you are utterly serious and sincere. Do so and you will find Jesus.   You have zero obligation to any religion or family tradition; we are to put God first before all tradition, family, anything.  You are one heart beat away from eternity.  We all start of owned by the Kingdom of Darkness which will be thrown into the Lake of Fire forever and we need to be redeemed by Jesus.   Make Jesus your Lord and nothing or no one else and we will make it back to Heaven from where we came.   Do it!  Do it for you.  Do it for your family.  Do it for me because I feel terrible about the whole Hindu thing and that caste system…

  • Why was yoga pushed so hard in the USA in combination with the massive push of promotion of wickedness? You’ve got to wonder.
  • Have you really looked into what Yoga really is?
  • There are many other more effective forms of exercising and stretching. So Yoga is not needed, at all.
  • Each yoga position is said to be a prayer to a 2nd Heaven Kingdom of Darkness entity – stemming back from Babylon – the Mother of All Harlots
  • I’ve noticed a consistent off-base discernment for those who say they are Christian and do Yoga, way off. They may very well be listening to demons whispering in their ear rather than God whispering from within.
  • And now we find from this former occultist who knows most of the tricks of the enemy through witchcraft, satanic rituals who also has a seer anointing, who can see in the spirit realm (like Kat Kerr) that Yoga is definitely demonic after having her child possessed by demon “Kali” by going to a make shift church service at a place that practiced yoga, as revealed by God, Holy Spirit.
  • Dr. Michael Lake who knows and understands occult things very well since he had to get it figured out as part of he and his wife’s ministry (after repeated attacks by it) sounds to be an expert on the matter of Yoga and how it is a practice of worship to what are demonic entities, false gods.

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