Yoga Exposed – Is Yoga is Direct and Literal Demon Worship?

Is Yoga Infiltration a Satanic Agenda?

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Yoga is Satanic Worship

Vatican’s Chief Exorcist Warns That Yoga Causes ‘Demonic Possession’

Yoga a Satanic Gateway for Demonic Possession!



Here is a online magazine that you can bet that everything they mock is probably right and good and what they say is good is probably bad. 

  So since they are a mocker of those who call out yoga then there is a high probability association that yoga IS really bad and they are trying to cover it up.  Look what they promote. Look what they condemn.  To them bad is good and good is bad.  That makes them workers of the Kingdom of Darkness in that equation. That’s they way they’ve been consistently up until this typing, wicked brood.  See here.

What Does the Bible Say About Yoga?

by Michael Sharif

Michael Sherif practiced mantra yoga (meditated silently on a supposedly “meaningless” sound which was really the vehicle that drew him into a “Hindu” deity or really a demon from our Christian perspective). He was in bondage to this, in combination with hatha yoga for six years. According to his testimony this was a horrible experience for him. Yoga involvement is really an exercise in a demonic activity which is portrayed as “fun” and “healthy”  that can lead to demonic possession. He experienced different states of sensory consciousness which were dark and sterile until Jesus set him free. You may read other articles that deal with witchcraft and New Age bondage at his website:

Testimony of Deliverance from a Demon of Yoga

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