WOW There is a Literal Burst of Light When Sperm Meets Egg

So the Life Force Starts When Sperm Meets Egg

WOW There is a Literal Burst of Light When Sperm Meets Egg


According to science – at precisely a moment of conception known as recombination & decoupling – an incomprehensible outburst of light accompanied the creation of hydrogen and helium, the first atoms of the embryonic cosmos. To this day, the dim afterglow of that seminal light – the so-called cosmic microwave background – is visible to certain kinds of powerful telescopes.

In each case, they discovered, the decisive moment was accompanied by a small burst of zinc atoms. The eruptions appeared as flashes of light because of fluorescing agents used by the scientists.


For me, images released recently by Northwestern University scientists of tiny light flashes signaling the moment of human conception are evocative of a larger, cosmic-sized truth espoused by both science and the Bible. Namely, the creation of the universe itself – the mother of all moments of conception – was likewise marked by an explosion of light.

Yeah GO NU!


So well what does this mean?  Well it’s just amazing.  But it also means a lot of other things.

  • It means that this society has been duped
  • Just about Every Hell and Heaven visitation video that mentions abortion says it’s murder and the mother ends up in hell unless she repents out of that sin in the name of Jesus, confesses it, admits it’s wrong, Believed to be a believer or not. Well of course all unbelievers will be in Hell.  Hey I don’t make the rules, God does.  You can see these Hell and Heaven visitation videos here.

Here is the full report on Fox News




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