Wow Listen to How This Brother Moon god Worshiper Finds the Love of God

This Is a Great Testimony of a Guy Stuck Under the Moon god Worshiping System Who Really Liked God and Wanted to Get Right with Him and Close to Him Personally Who Reminded Me of  My Own Journey Out from Under the Sun god System

This is a Must Watch Testimony of How this Genuine Fellow Seeks God and Finds Him

We all KNOW Who God is.  But a lot of us (and most of the world) did not nor do not realize how hard it would actually be to find Him and get to Him and get right with Him.  And what many of us have discovered (as mentioned in the Bible over and over) is that  God really wants us to seek Him HARD.  God is looking for TRUE LOVE.  He doesn’t want fakers who will ‘stab Him in the back’, betray Him and only pretend to love Him.  

But wait… maybe you can understand what God is looking for even more. Here’s how:

Don’t you want the same thing??  Think about it.  Of course you do.  You can understand God more by understanding yourself more because YOU are made not only in the Image of God but also the LIKENESS of God.   You are LIKE God in terms of your nature, your heart,  your (non sinful) desires, how you want to be treated, liked, loved, honored, respected, wanted, thought of as the “bees knees” (totally the best most awsomest wonderfulest ever, if you forgot you are like this maybe think back to grade school or high school before ‘the system chewed you up and spit you out’ maybe.

Did you know that God is actually looking for friends?  I saw a prophecy not too long ago on Elijah list where God told a prophet that He is looking for friends, friends as in YOU!  Isn’t that cool!

God is looking for cool friends who will be trusting friends, open, conversational, trusting with Him.  Come on, you know how to have a friend.  If it’s been a while then maybe remember back to childhood.  God wants friends.  He made us like Him so we can be companions to Him in a relatable way.  Doesn’t that make sense? 

What do you think faith means?  Don’t you have faith in your friends to do well?  Don’t you want the best for your friends?  Don’t you believe in your friends and thing well of them?  Yes.  Think about it.  Don’t you trust your friends?  Yes of course.  Distrusting someone is a deep insult.  Has any confused person ever said they didn’t trust you?  How did that make you feel?  How does it make you feel when others act like they don’t trust you? It feels pretty bad doesn’t it. 

God wants you, yes even you, you, to be His friend?!?  That is mindblowing amazing!  So let’s just say. Ok. Cool.  Deal.  I’ll be your friend God. Accept it!    And on that note, accept God. Accept what He did for you on the Cross. Accept the gift of salvation.  It’s free.  Just keep receiving from God because that’s what He wants you to do.  Ok.  Cool.  That’s easy. Yes it is.  You can get started with maybe this salvation prayer to start your journey with God if you have not yet.

Start talking to God.  Just trust Him personally enough to listen.  You KNOW Who He is on your inner sense of knowing.  (maybe no much in the cerebral mind or the emotional mind but in your sense of knowing,  your gut, whatever you want to call it.

Ok enough of my typing.  Listen to this testimony!  It’s so good.


Muslim Man Encountered with Jesus and Saw Jesus in the Throne of Heaven by Kamran



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