Wow As Good a Preaching I’ve Heard in a While By Alex Jones?

Wow As Good a Preaching I’ve Heard in a While By Alex Jones??!

Now I’ve sent these guys some info and a link to Mike Thompson’s YouTube channel.  I don’t know if that had anything to do what things but Alex has learned quite a bit over the past few months.  It’s not just about globalists vs. nationalists – that’s the smaller picture.   The real picture is in the spiritual realm – and Alex has increased his comprehension of it considerably!

Check this out.  We need more guys to turn into tough guys, warrior guys like Alex and Donald Trump.  So get on the warrior trend. Stop eating plastics.  Cleans yourself of xenoestrogens, heavy metals that have been purposefully feminizing men physically and chemically.  (Wait till you learn about all of the intentional chemical poisoning of America – you’ll flip out, start cleansing supplementation programs, eat organic, start growing your own food and get really mad against these evil corrupt industries that have been essentially poisoning us, killing us, wrecking our hormones, wrecking our immune systems (learn about chem trails and how they purposefully spray our skies with heavy metals and pathogens stuck in fibers to weaken our immune systems so we depend on a corrupt medical industry and corrupt pharmaceuticals.  Yeah you’re going to get really mad see what they’ve been doing to you and your family.  Which is good.  You, we need to go into warrior mode and take back this country.  Get our minds back.  Start eating God’s creation instead of man’s corrupted junk.  )

Oh yes there’s another issue dealing with the pineal gland.  Well according to studies so far, the dark side is trying to calcify our pineal gland so we can’t access God – that’s the concept.  So if one is eating all sorts of junk food, drinking lots of fluoride and chlorine in the water, using fluoride toothpaste, getting heavy metal fillings, eating non organic loading up with pesticides – you likely have a crystallized, yes crystallized pineal gland.   What this does in concept is get you to focus more on the flesh, our animal nature as Adam called it in the 1st book of Adam and Eve  

I have noticed this myself over the years.  I’ve gone through periods of eating super pure like a machine, to eating junk back to eating super pure in addition to all sorts of different experiments in between.  When I eat more junk, processed junk, fast food, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar I would be much more focused on carnal things, things of the flesh, evil thoughts.  It’s pretty disgusting to even think about being in the flesh (barf) vs. being in the Spirit.

Speaking of refined sugar, which now after testing I would say is the top most potent poison in America : try this:  eat natural cane sugar one day, then white refined sugar the next:  for me:  cane sugar was hardly felt My teeth my white refined sugar started hurting my teeth. Cane sugar, after I ate it, didn’t give me the sugar low that I got all eating white refined sugar. Cane sugar didn’t have that feeling of dropping my immune system like white refined sugar has.  

When a patient checks in the Moffitt Cancer Center I was told by someone who worked there that patients checking in that have cancer are told to stop eating white sugar, white flour and artificial sweeteners – that’s interesting!  I noticed that all three of these things drop my immune system like a rock. So if I am fighting a bug initially and am eating these poisons then I open the window to get sick.  And that’s how I’ve gotten sick most of the time in the past with colds and flus.

Interesting isn’t it. You may want to experiment on yourself to verify or just simply stop eating this poison because now you know it’s bad, Moffitt Cancer Center says it’s bad and it’s just comments. Start appreciating God’s food.  Start eating man corrupted versions of God’s food disgusting and start to find the taste of which disguesting.  Yes it’s going to take some work but it’s worth it. Otherwise eventually these poisons will likely promote cancer as well and will likely also generate many different functions within yourself leaving you vulnerable to all sorts of disease.  Of course do your own research we can certainly not advise you on such health issues. 

Anyway Alex talks a bout the details of the enemy’s agenda.  They publish their own agenda and people have known for a long time.  But the enemy thought they would take over in 2016 and start the Tribulation period.  Not so fast!  Guess Who is in control? !!  And HE says it’s time to smash the enemy and open up the Great End Times Harvest!  So get your warrior suit on and get out in the battle for 1 billion souls!  (See Mark Taylor prophecy writings)

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