Wow Covid-19 Vaccine Does Sound Like the Mark of the Beast Replaces YHVH on your DNA

Mark of the Beast

Wow Covid-19 Vaccine Does Sound Like the Mark of the Beast Replaces YHVH on your DNA

The Mark of the Beast = Erases God’s Name and Inputs Foreign DNA Name on Your DNA Turning You into NOT GOD’s Anymore.  They Do This with mRNA Stabilized with Hydrogel that They Took Out of the Long Timer Super Soldier Program 

  • This is logical as a mark of the beast.
  • This vaccine is also said to end up in  your hand has a mark to be shown under those purple black lights, UV lights and it’s is also said to center up around your forehead  saw a video on that, may want to look into that more. 
  • And if this is the case, how many prophets told us that this covid-19 vaccine was not the mark of the beast?
  • So this means that if you took the vax you’re going to be thrown into The Lake of Fire.  But better news so you don’t fall apart, according to more logical research, The Lake of Fire would be another 50,000 or so year cycle of reincarnation into 3D realms where you experience life and death over and over again until you learn what you need to learn, which would essentially be to obey God, obey God’s word, honor and do the ways of God, His design, His systems. God, YAHWAH Eloheem is Light and Life. Without God there is darkness and death.   It’s pretty logical.  Be logical.  The fear of death and a brutally tortured Hell that goes on forever and ever are now said to be a control mechanism set up by religions, particularly Christianity set up by pretend follower of Jesus, Constantine and the Tare “Jews” Jesuits.  

See “Supersoldiertalk” and James Rink for a wild ride of information – if you like sci-fi and super hero movies – you’ll love his info.  Also, if you are into spiritual warfare you will really appreciate his info. 

Here is the MP4 incase that telegram gets erased.  Here is another version of this video

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