Wow 85% Churches Are Satanic Says Former Illuminati Woa Listen to This Wild Stuff

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Wow 85% Churches Are Satanic Says Former Illuminati Woa Listen to This Wild Stuff. Mary Beaver Grew Up in Cabal Illuminati Home, Sounds Like She Turned to Yeshua and Knows the Difference Between Actually Following Him vs. the Fake Jesuses that Are in, She Says, 85% of Christian Churches. 

Oh yeah.  Have to deal with all sorts of messages coming to you these days such as: aliens, multiple Jesuses, Jesus had Babies, Trump and Kennedys say they are from the bloodline of Jesus, now Mary says Jesus had up to 6 wives and lots of kids implying that His kingdom is in part spreading through His bloodline, over 1/2 humanity are clones (many would agree with that), some say that billions are just matrix filler beings with no soul (many would agree with that), that the number of actual humans on this planet is rapidly diminishing and will be only 80,000 in 200 years (as in the days of Noah) – time to start dealing with this because it’s going to be smacked in your face really soon after the EBS, 10 days of darkness, as they say…


  • Illuminati Cabal can rewind time for you a year
  • 85% Christian churches worship Satan
  • Why YAHWAH, YAHWEH’s name was removed Bible.  She says you worship to whatever God says “hi”.  Certainly most of Christianity does not worship YAHWAH since they want to tear the Old Testament out of the Bible. 
  • We’re middle Earth.  Where’s Frodo. 
  • Mark Taylor would like this video – someone send it to him.  (Mark is one of my favorite well known brothers, although don’t know him personally.)
  • She says that Yeshua Jesus reborn as a child on the planet and that’s one of the main reasons they are trying to kill all the children.  Whew…. couple other spiritual gurus have said that. 
  • She also says if you are incarnated from the future, as many are, she says, then that when they drink blood they see the future or some whacked out thing like that. 
  • Says up to 6 wives.  Had a lot of Children.  Mary Magdalene and Sophia Magdelene.  Mike says He traveled even to Japan, a story, maybe had a wife and kid there.  
  • Why putting this info here? Well we’re getting bombarded with “Christ Consciousness”, “Jesus had babies”.   “Jesus didn’t die on the cross but was revived and moved to France with Mary Magdalene” and story lines like this are coming from those who say they are the White Hats, Druze line who say they are decedents of Jesus or some are. 
  • Lucifer – says ‘good bad funny’ like Loki, knows how to work the free will down here to ‘keep his hands clean’. 
  • Few false Messiahs will present themselves.  If you’re looking for an easy way out it’s probably a trap. 
  • Third Trinity is Yeshua. 
  • Lucifer was promised the Kingdom of creation.  Lucifer 1st wife did something.  2nd wife created the good and evil. 2nd wife created just good.  So now Lucifer was permissioned to create life. 
  • Yeshua won the Earth during some time.  Trying to remove the old king Lucifer.  This is Yeshua’s now.  
  • Won’t be cleared to 2084 she saw history book of the future.  But we can turn the time line.  When pastor church person says “I/we love God” – which god/God are they really saying?
  • 3 days in space is 1000 years here.
  • Travel from Earth is through humans, they are put into bellies of plains and drawn from. 
  • There are celestial bank accounts.
  • Sounds like there is a low value of life throughout the universes. 
  • There are many Earth.  Earth this one is the capital of the Galaxy. Us. 
  • Everyone is rewinding time, There is a year or so rewind “magic” tool
  • She got permission to say all this stuff and says when she gets permission to reveal stuff the whatevers illumiatis or good guys have moved on. 
  • Flat Earth is 1st creation but then it layers up then rounds off.
  • Her dad worked under Area 51. 
  • Smart cities were to be concentration camps.  They will destroy useless eaters.  They will keep only those who have skills that they can use you for without your intelligence.  But this plan was stopped because free will planet people decided they did not want to go the bad revelation near extinction route. 
  • She has actual documents signed by Obamma to kill 200,000,000 just in the USA.  
  • We still have “god creators” .  We are now in the light Trinity.  
  • There are MORE Clones on this planet than humans.   Better not make the “I need 10 of me to get all the stuff I want done” joke anymore. 
  • Binden – you have to take out the old to bring in the new and anyone who resistencct
  • You have to figure out the Sovergn thing to have control.  QFS is just another form of controlling you.   Bankers call it “Sandbox” 
  • We’re in the 2nd ray.  We have to say enough.  We have to stop following false idols, any experts.  Stop agreeing with evil and just say no.  Stop supporting the evil with your money, completely stop.
  • Earth is in “rehab”
  • Luciferians are the ones who will be making Heaven on Earth.  They will talk about Jesus ‘a good dude’  ‘nice sayings’.  But they won’t follow or obey Him.  Hmm that does sound like most Christian churches with their make believe concept of “believe” with very little obedience.  Salvation comes from obedience:  See Romans 10:9-10 and frankly the rest of the entire New Testament. 
  • Project Babylon.  
  • There are only 80,000 pure human being left on Earth in 200 years.  That’s why the arc space ships are showing up.  Humans are life force of planet and Yeshua.  Between Earth and creation then we’re the life force of the planet. 
  • Message:  if it sounds like pie in sky or goes ‘mystery woo’ it’s probably a soul trap scam. Obey Jesus, Yeshua, Yawahsua (Yahwheysooah)
  • May have gotten out of the matrix but there are many more matrices on top  of that. 
  • This is Mary Beaver. 
  • Conclusion:  read your Bible over and over and don’t stop.  Do what the New Testament says.   Sounds like we’re rolling into a new set of tricks and traps going forward.   Don’t waste your time seeking goodness and kindness, or seeking someone to be good and kind to you since that may just end up as a slap in the face trap, as has been happening these past wow 8 years, poof.   “haha you sucker!”.  Seems like not many genuine and straight up beings out there, maybe they are just hiding due to all of this ugliness. 



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