Worship Wins the War

person hand reaching for the sky

David, Joshua… the Core of Our Experience Here is to Find Out Who You Will Choose – God and His Ways or the Devil and his Ways and..

It’s Also a Battle of WORSHIP!  What’s Arguably the Number One Thing or at Least a Top Thing That God Wants?

WORSHIP!  Worship in Spirit & Truth!  Worship in Holy Spirit & Yeshua God the Son.  Genuine Worship with Full Expression.  So, Earthlings… Do You Want to Win this War? Let’s Figure Out How to Get the Planet Worshiping God Even if They Sound Terrible and Just Clap Their Hands..  We’re Supposed to Make a JOYFUL NOISE!  NOISE!  Hey!  We ALL Can Do THAT!   And Yes We Can Find Out How to Start Sounding Better Over Time.  But Don’t Worry About that Now – Get The Worship Going and God Will Wipe Out the Kingdom of Darkness for Us!

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