Word! November 26, 2021 – As Applies to NOW!

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A Word! – From the Wee Hours of the Morning, November 26, 2021 

Here is a word.  I was told to get one of my note pads and write what I hear.  Most of the time we had to go word by word, one at a time.  Phrases and sentences made me anxious that I would mess them up since I’m a newbie at this. But I, we all, have to grow up at one point or another, get real, like absolute truth level real, trust God and hear His voice.  Most of us, arguably, at least it seems like, as it has been for me, have been too afraid to hear God’s voice do to religious programming, worldly programming or demons chatting in your ear. 

Going forward, I get the impression that we all better get real with God and not only talk to Him but listen back.  Oh wait, there’s more… not only do we need to hear from God we need to walk in Spirit, follow Yeshua, be the new man, be led by the Spirit of God, which is really Christianity 101, yet it seems not many actually know what that means. 

Yet on the other hand, how are you going to be able to walk in the Spirit, following Yeshua if you are sinning all over the place by not knowing what the sins of the Bible are and by not obeying all of Yeshua’s commands He already stated in the New Testament?!   Yes, it’s much easier to have a relationship with someone when you’re not continually offending them all the time.  Hmmmm…..   So instead of just telling you about maybe things you’re not doing, essentially yelling at you, “you’re bad” “you shoulda coulda done this or that…”  let me “bend a finger” to help show you exactly what to do; what actually works; what actually makes you an actual Christian thereby shocking and melting the world while you go on to become the 4th seed bearing some 30, some 60 some 100 fold return for God and the Kingdom, thereby yourself also in eternal wealth:  1. Get this list of 666 sins of the Bible and go make sure you know what each one of these sins are:  now take an axe to the root and disbelieve in them completely.  You only do a sin because you believe it’s good, believe it’s okay to do especially ‘since everyone else is doing it’ or it’s something you can get away with doing… (knowing your enemy)   2.  Get the lists of Commands of Jesus of the New Testament; learn them; immediately dive in and start practicing them;  reprogram your mind to believe that Jesus’ commands are good, right and the only thing to do regarding that topic to which they apply.   You will fully believe in a command of Jesus by doing them, experiencing them and experiencing that they are good, really good and by getting the reward by Holy Spirit in real time.    Do these 2 things and you’ll become an actual Christian that will shock the world, positively.  And you’ll be able to be used for the Kingdom while building yourself eternal wealth.   And then you’ll also be able to hear the voice of God better and better since you’re not continually offending Him and He’ll draw close to you since you are obeying His commands (read John over and over).     Yes roll up your sleeves.  Be aggressive and get the sins out while installing the Commands of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Boss of Bosses, your Boss, your Lord, your King… and we better do what the King says or …..  Remember, that the spiritually violent, violent in the thought realm, head thoughts and emotional heart thoughts, take the Kingdom of Heaven BY FORCE.  So we need to use FORCE.  This won’t come easy.  But I believe in you, that you can get it done.  

Here is the word I was told when I was told to get a note pad, lay down and write what I tell you to write:

Praise Me Nations. This is how you escape. Turn your hearts over to Me. Bring Me glory and praise then you will win. Fear not. Fear is of the enemy. Fear empowers the enemy and makes them stronger. Praise Me oh you Nations and I will fight for you. Request of Me while I am still able to be found. Know that I AM God your Maker and there is no other. As people seek to find Me in their own way as they work through their minds, their imaginations, their troubles, their distresses, they will have a harder time in finding Me. I cannot be rationalized through book knowledge. I AM that I AM. I am not your “Source”. I am God, your Maker, Who carried you in my womb, in my belly. If only you could remember.

In the beginning of the Age of Man, I wrote to you how My love overcomes the world. Those who do good and obey my commands will overcome the world. They will be My sheep and I will take them out to pasture. I will not lead them astray. They will obey Me and follow Me wherever I go, in Spirit and in Truth. Are you truthful? Think about it for a while. See to it that you are absolutely truthful. Then you will connect to Me. I will love you. I will reward you for your good deeds.

The new will become old again and the old, new. You will relish in these times as you begin to see victory emerge. When you seek My face Victory is assured; you will be spared. There are Glory Days Ahead for My people. There will not be a poor one among them.

I will find a way when there is no way. Put your trust in Me, worry not, doubt not and you will succeed. Stay simple. Be focused. Find your destiny and pursue it with passion….” – Word from Early morning November 26 2021


Notes Reflections, Commentary, My “2 Cents”:

  • God Made You and provided everything for you. He has given you life. He’s giving you the ability to be great in one way or another. He provides. He offers you a plan for success, for eternal success even for eternal wealth and power.  We succeed when we do His Ways, His laws, His universal laws, His systems of things while respecting His design of things.  Praise and thanks is the very least we can do. If you think about it He’s not asking for much. He wants us to appreciate Him. He wants us to like and love Him.  He wants you to be free but freedom comes through Him.  If you want do to your own way from ideas that you picked up from this world, the kingdom of darkness, from ideas that “pop into your head (or heart” that go against God’s design, His system of things, His universal law, His commands then you will likely end up causing destruction to others, destruction to yourself and destruction to the Earth and destruction to the universe; or in other words, you’ll mess things up and lose.
  • God is simply looking for you to acknowledge Him,  to give Him, your Father attention,  to love Him,  to be His child and even be His friend. Think of what kind of heart would want that.   In my opinion and experience, a really good and genuine heart would want that;  a lonely heart as well. 
  • You are being taught about the  emotion and spirit of fear.   Fear is not only considered an emotion, it is also considered an entity,  a being,  as the Spirit of Fear,  which may also imply how things were designed from nothing by first developing spirits.  So maybe we all need to reevaluate what we call emotions and try to get clarity if any clarity can be had between a spirit versus its associated emotion.
  • How did this word come about?  I felt  it was time to start writing again and to sit there with a notepad and listen to God,  and write down the words dictated one by one word by word.  Do I know what I’m doing here?  No. Not in the sense of any sort of Professional Training or the sort.   This is just by innate knowing.  We should all be listening to the Lord and writing down what He tells us, keeping a journal of sorts to learn but to also make sure we do what He says to do.   I have been seeking  gain clarity between all these different voices between the different minds within such as:   external thoughts, where are external thoughts coming from?  What part of the body are they entering?  Are they coming from within as in the soul, gut area?  Are then coming from within the brain?  The antenna called the pineal gland?  What mind of mine are these thoughts coming from?  The subconscious?  The conscious cerebral mind?  The hearts mind?  The new man’s mind, the Spirit man’s mind, coming to or from the new man? Who is talking? Holy Spirit?  Yeshua? God the Father?  –  All of these thoughts vs. any other thought or voice.   Clarity of thought origination brings accuracy and speed in addition to better success and problem avoidance. It also allows for a better relationship with God.) 
  • Did this Word come from God? You tell me.  I was told to lay down on my bed with one of my hundreds of note pads and wrote words as they come to me.  Could these words be my imagination or a subconscious expression of all the various prophets I’ve heard plus known Bible verses and prophetic writings I’ve read?  Possibly;  I really don’t know at this point.   But since I was told word by word or I heard word by word  in a row, and if too many words were said at once this voice retained the words and told me them one by one what to write then it seems to me that I was listening to Holy Spirit dictate words to me to write down.  Additionally, look at the wording:  I wouldn’t dare write these things on my own pretending to talk for God of my own intentionally.  And I certainly don’t want to make a name for myself, at least down here, maybe in Heaven, a good name that is, opposed to MUD lol.
  • Now for your sake and your benefit and all of our sake and benefit,  we all need to seek God and get clarity on His voice vs. others, extra specially these days since there’s so much Spirit realm activity in addition to the contraptions and inventions men have come up with like “Voice of God”  technology etc,  5G which  in the frequency range of thought,  with 5G Towers all over the place  and satellites up in the sky.   God has a very individualized relationship with us.  He can do so since He is so many dimensions higher than us.  So we all better get real and have this real, walking relationship with God, all of the time.
  • God the Son, Yeshua, “Jesus” says:  His sheep hear His voice:  So we all better be hearing His voice!  For me, I struggled over the years out of fear and doubt, probably from tons of religious programming that got dumped into my soul right out of the womb,  implying that the religious programming put in all sorts of strange ideas into my head and heart that were not necessarily good or accurate.  But one day as I read the verse, again, John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:”   I started thinking “uh oh  am I hearing Yeshua’s voice?  Am I following Him?” If don’t know than you’re not doing what the Bible says to do – that’s a good rule of thumb from my experience.   We all better hear Yeshua’s voice because, if not, then we’re in big trouble!
  • So therefore you want to be a sheep of  Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus), God, the Son.  Sheep, good.  Goat, bad.  If you’re not a sheep of Christ then you’re not His.  And if Yeshua is not your redeemer then you have no hope.   So stop making fun of sheep, or using “sheep” or “sheeple” as an insult.  You maybe programming yourself out of the kingdom by doing so thinking ‘oh I don’t want to be a sheep because someone insulted sheep on a Youtube or Bitchute video… and whomever insults the best is my lord, they are the authority….’ so then you start to build resentment to the concept of being Yeshua’s sheep and Him the Shepard, and not wanting to follow Him wherever He goes.  And that’s a recipe for eternal disaster. 
  • A lot of new agers and spiritual people are calling God, “Source”,  which may be another type of religious way to push God away personally and to depersonalize Him,  as they go on and Chase the alien mystery, the woo woo with various people claiming to be various space aliens friends or to channel “space aliens”  from ” another dimension”, of course without testing the spirits. .   Question:  how many of these spiritual beings or aliens deny that Yeshua, God the Son, God, has come in the flesh meaning that He entered this “3D realm” into a flesh body  to live among us, Teach us,  then died for our sins to take our place,  redeeming us from the Eternal death that awaited us,  thereby  restoring us to God Almighty, the “source” of everything and everything Good?  Most of these alien characters deny Christ although David Wilcock’s research and contacts have lead Him to The Word, The Logos, God the Son, Yeshua.
  • Speaking of new agers and people on spiritual journies:   first of all it’s good that they are seeking God if that’s what they are seeking. It’s good that they are pursuing to find God and get right with God,  to settle as much as possible what happens to them after they die.  If they keep seeking and use their knowing they will find God.  I went on my many year journey to find God personally and study arguably everything out there in order to find God until I reached the most obvious, “saving the best for last”, the Bible, which I started reading (in rebellion to that soul death trap of a religion through which I grew up.
  • Seems like a lot of people are liking the reincarnation idea.  They really don’t want to deal with a concept of Hell.  No one does really.  But it’s there.  You have to deal with it.  But logically speaking,  when you are presented with the concept of:  you live once and then the judgement,  which would be Heaven or Hell right after you die,  then logically speaking it would be smart to deal with that concept as well, doing all you can to make sure that you were going to go to Heaven instead of Hell.  Also, people don’t understand how utterly tragic and brutal Hell is; they think it’s a joke.  They can’t fathom the concept of getting eaten by bugs, getting stabbed, melted, chopped up to pieces, cut in two, over and over, maybe once a day, every day for eternity.  Watching some Hell visitation videos will fix that.  You’ll have a different attitudes about fooling around with spirits, aliens and other religions, in addition to reincarnation concepts.  Things are much more brutal than most want to think about.   
  • We are wrapping up this age or a group of Ages that contains sin. This world, maybe this dimension,  maybe this universe?  Will be burnt up and we will go into the regenerated world,  those who have been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb Who was slain so that you may live.  If you want to get into Heaven and the New Earth and New Heaven start with saying, for real, the “sinners prayer” that you should see on the right navigation menu to this page. And if you are having a hard time understanding why God the Son had to come down and die for your sins then you need to think bigger in terms of universal courts and universal law.  You need to think bigger in terms of life itself and God,  including the profound significance of your own existence and how serious that is and how we need to coordinate with the Creator of all things all the time.
  • Most of us have struggled spiritually in connecting to God because we’re trying to do so through our soul minds.   That means we’re trying to do that through our heart’s mind and our cerebral Minds including our subconscious mind which all require input of knowledge and understanding, like a computer,  in order to make conclusions –  input output.  The soul is not the spirit.  People are confusing the soul versus the spirit out there. Your soul is like a computer and it starts out blank when you come here and are born into this world. You are a spirit being that gets attached to this physical body and soul.  Then if you are born again, saved, you leave this realm with your soul attached to your new spirit man. Your original spirit dies after your first sin, outside the age of innocence.
  • God is in the knowing. Have you ever entered into contemplation where you were looking for answers for things and you asked down into your self, into the middle of yourself, into your gut where you just somehow or able to get all of these amazing right answers? Now when I’m talking about the gut I’m not talking about the heart. The heart is the source of emotions combined with thought which is of the soul. When trying to get accurate information from the heart we find that most of that information is incorrect to a high degree. But our gut sense, center of knowing has, from my experience, an impeccable accuracy for knowledge, information, answers or even the ability to move dynamically in real-time athletically with Incredible accuracy or even  able to provide real-time information on how to perform music to a early excellent virtuosic level. 
  • Worry not. Worry is similar to what Sorcerers and witches use, aka allopathic pharmakeia MD medicine uses,  to get you to manifest,  to conjure up your own sickness so you can be treated for a fee.  And then that treatment goes on to,  that drug goes on to create multiple other problems in you so those new problems can be “treated” (never cured but “treated”) in multiple new ways all for money,  But not just for money, but to also keep you weak and destroy you early. What worry is:  Worry is a negative idea, a negative visualization plus a negative emotion,  the root of which is usually fear, in combination that you keep pressing into with your mind or your imagination. When you worry you become stifled.  Your focus is on the negative.  You’re not thinking about the good your are to be doing or that you want to do.  You spend your time and energy manifesting, creating bad things for yourself and others when you worry. Your mind is focused on creating destruction and poverty and sickness when you worry.  You’re also feeding demons by dwelling in and stirring up negative emotion.  You spend time of negative What ifs…  Now what’s the difference between being strategic and worry? Because by being strategic we can then map out a plan to deal with potential problems and pitfalls ahead of time so we don’t encounter those negative things. There’s a fine line between worry  and being strategic to avoid problems.   Being strategic means that you are logically identifying potential problems and taking action now to prevent those problems. Worry doesn’t usually involve much productive proactive action but just sits there and charges up  negative thoughts and negative visualizations,  negative actions,  negative happenings,  not having enough,  worry about  bad bugs coming to get you, etc.. And through worry you can end up manifesting these things.  People can worry themselves sick and they go all the way into getting sick, even cancer.   The strategic can logically identify things that cause a  state of sickness or a symptomatic state and they can then go do something to prevent or correct such a state of being.  Worry robs your future in many ways and the future of others.  Figure out how to just stop worrying.  Oh yeah, we are commanded to worry not from the New Testament.  And there are many layers and angles to each command.
  • When we listen to people, media or even thoughts from the spirit realm tell us negative things,  potential negative things while painting visualizations of negative things,  and we allow that into our soul,  then those negative things will implant as “weed seeds”  into our soul and if we don’t know how to deal with those weed seeds than those problems can manifest. So those listening to satanic collusive news, for example,  are continuously dumping weed seeds into their soul which then take root and cause all sorts of problems later.
  • Stay simple:  now this is a very profound concept. There are different types of staying simple. The simpleton concept is negatively associated with very little knowledge and understanding which is also referred to as a simpleton. The Biblical type of simpleton doesn’t know much about the Word of God therefore has very little wisdom when it comes to big picture success and eternal things yet often is filled with ways of error.  There is the other kind of concept of simple in that “genius simplifies” or genius operates in “macros” and doesn’t get bogged down in the parts but puts the parts into a whole, bigger concepts while operating with a mind focused on those bigger macro concepts as to not bog the mind down. A mind engaged in complexity and loads of unfinished thought, loads of unsimplified thought, loads of unorganized  thought  Is a mind of much toil and tribulation, confusion and frustration and is vulnerable to all sorts of problems.   Maybe you can compare that to a really messy room where you have stuff all over the place and all over the floor in that if you try to walk to that room you may trip over something or you may break something by stepping on it that is important.
  • Be Focused:   now this is a difficult concept for a lot of us these days and I’ve had struggles with this  due to the overall volume of load of things I need to accomplish. But unless we focus to get something totally done it’s just not going to happen. If we go by our feelings, our emotions, for the sake of accomplishing something we will likely not get that thing done, especially these days with so many emotional enticing distractions.  But most of the time, we will need to use that will of ours, to fight through emotional enticements or slothfulness, and focus to get done what we need to get done;  to get done what the Lord told us to do, to get done what we’ve already been told to do in the New Testament,  to make sure we get our destiny done.  Remember that will be graded at the Judgement seat of Christ and we will not be able to bring excuses. If we simply go by emotional feeling,  if we follow after every whim of emotion then we will not accomplish much except maybe a mess. Then there is a tendency at that point to try and blame God yet its our fault because we didn’t focus, fight the spiritual warfare going on to our minds and hearts, and get done what we needed to get done.  As you get to know the Bible more and more you’ll see that the right thing will often go against our feelings. So therefore a lot of the time, if not most of the time we need to identify the right thing or go after it with focus to complete that thing.  We also need focus to reprogram our soul with Yeshua’s commands of the New Testament,  while  uninstalling the command of Satan, the ways of this world at the same time (Thereby making Jesus your Lord in that your lord/Lord is the one/One you obey.)  That also takes focus in that you will not feel like doing so.  We need to read the Bible in volume over and over as we show you on our Volume Bible Reading System and plans that you can download from the navigation menu.   You just need to focus to get the right thing done.  The good news, is that after we take the first step and go little by little and in layers, we can get something done while actually wanting to focus back in and complete the next layer, all the way to the completion of the thing.
  • Find your destiny and pursue it with passion. This is a big deal. If you’ve watched many hell and heaven visitation videos you’ll find out that we are responsible to find our destiny, pursue it and complete it. We will be judged by it. Some Heaven and Hell visitation videos have even mentioned dire consequences if we do not find our destiny and complete it. And that was quite a wake-up call. You and I don’t want to go before the Lord and get a bad report card at the judgement seat of Christ. And you certainly do not want to go before the Lord and have Him tell you that I never knew you because you didn’t obey His commands thereby being a worker of iniquity.   You are destiny  was written in a book a long time ago before you came here by God. Your destiny will draw you closer to God into having a great relationship with Him. Fulfilling your destiny will also train you to be able to do greater and greater things into the future. God is your Father.  He is a good Father.  And He wants the best for you.  He wants His kids to be champions!   Don’t we all want that for our kids for those of us who have kids? Of course you do. You want your kids to be great.  And so does God!
  • The new will become old and the old new. Now this is an interesting statement. What’s  very interesting is that the old is becoming new already in that we are already seeing and hearing about all sorts of concepts of the old now becoming new. Suppressed ancient medicine in terms of using food as medicine and herbs as medicine is to be restored which can heal most things.   You have naturopathic doctors even regenerating body parts by using fruit and herbs! And you have high-level technology on the way which is said to be from even millions of years ago before the Age of Man, ie.  from Atlantis  and prior ages.  It has been said that over 6000 hidden patents that contain many cures, will be revealed.  The new will become old:   this may refer to up to this point what we think are technological breakthroughs like “modern medicine” (a Satanic  swirling mess of nonsense  for the purpose of getting rid of humans and finding a way for demons, the hybrids to get back into this realm in addition to being able to go get back into Heaven, invade Heaven),  gas-powered automobiles (where is said that we had cars and planes that ran on only water even a hundred years ago,   the old petroleum-based energy generation will be replaced as we moved back to free energy,  free electricity,  as Tesla discover but was  available in Generations prior and even recently discovered to be available in the 1800’s!
  • But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.    And a lot of us are scared to come into the light because maybe by our conscience, our guilty conscience, and or religious concepts that we picked up into our soul overtime.   We can be scared that if we confess and admit that we are wrong or did something bad that we’re going to get some punishment that sounds painful or disastrous. But God already knows all you did and so He just wants you to be straight up with Him.  Because overall, eternity is about a relationship. God created you because He wants people who would like and love Him and be His friend. And don’t forget He made you in His image and likeness so you want similar things.
  • God wants praise. (And don’t you, on that note?  So why not look out for God and His feelings too?) Have you ever read that book the 5 Love Languages?  It’s a very interesting book that mentions that there are five primary ways that people feel loved and some feel more loved in some ways versus other ways.   Each person would have their primary love language and then their secondary love language. Words of affirmation is one of those love languages. Words of affirmation would be praise,  compliments, appreciation, thanks,  noticing good things about the person and or what they have done as opposed to being negative,  complaining,  looking for the bad things about that person and what they have done and so on. Arguably, God’s  primary love language,  according to this book, would be  words of affirmation, praise,  acknowledgement,  even acknowledgment of existence since God is Spirit,  admiration of His works from the galaxies on down to plants,  or even subatomic particle arrangements,  patterns and tendencies.   This realm is a battle of sorts between who humans will choose to love, adore, follow, obey, praise, give thanks and worship.  It’s also used for your growth and to teach you things but also to whittle out those who like bad in would choose bad vs those who are good that like good and would choose good; God and His ways are good – Satan and his ways are bad.  You choose goodness or badness through your obedience to the New Testament vs. what the Bible calls sin.   We’ve got the new regenerated Earth and new regenerated Heaven to get to, but we have to go through this refining process,  or this weeding out process rather. The weeds need to be weeded out  so the weeds won’t go make a mess out of the New Earth and New Heaven.

  • Fear not.   Do not dwell with the spirit of fear.  Do not entertain evil spirits.  Do not dwell in or exude destructive frequencies.  Fear is powerful. Fear is very seductive; it seduces you and pulls you in like a Venus fly trap to a fly.   As you examine it further and further, as you explore fear further and further, before you know it, you’re sucked in and you are destroyed.

    How is the Antichrist raise? What do they need to accomplish in order to raise this Antichrist? They need to generate enough negative frequency, negative emotion energy, to empower the negative spirits, to charge up the negative spirits,  to power them up like a generator to negative levels powerful enough to manifest into being, the Antichrist.  Where is this power generation coming from? Humans! We are their batteries, especially  those born-again believers in Yeshua,  who are said to have far greater power output if one dwells in these negative emotions, in these negative spirits.

  • As Prophet Emmanuel Johnson says, there are Glory Days Ahead not gloomy days ahead. But there’s a qualification to achieve Glory Days which would be to God’s people those who obey Him, who follow Him, who walk in Spirit, who are born again children in Christ.   Prophetess Kat Kerr has said for years that days will get greater and greater for believers but for non-believers, things will get worse and worse. We are already seeing this separation start by looking at who would take the depop injection which is supposed to be a Mark of the Beast even with “Luciferase” enzyme which lights up under UV  light.


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