Word March 14 2021

person hand reaching for the sky

Layin on my bed & these words pop into my head….

“Praise the Lord your God.  Praise Me you children of mine. You ask me what I want?  I want worship and praise in Spirit & in Truth.  It is your expression of love for me. I enjoy it very much.

The other thing I enjoy & need from you is your obedience. 

I understand the confusion that has been put upon you, but now simply return to My Word,  get to know my Word extremely well, not just knowing about the Word. 

I need for you to seek even urgently to be obedient to the New Testament. Seek to bring yourself in line with all of the New Testament. Then you can start to walk peaceably with Me and abide in Me with much success… ” 

“Hang in there sons and daughters of the Living God while judgment is poured out upon the land and to those who have come against my anointed, Donald Trump.  As it has been said by your warriors, “it will be Biblical”, as historical Bible times come back to life bringing men and women to their knees all across your planet. They will know that I am God and there is no other. Hide in Me until…”    Sorry that’s all i wrote.  I may have fallen asleep.

Notes – Reactions – Reflections – Expressions from that Word:

  • Is not the whole Bible focused around mankind paying attention to God, time spent with God, plus the worship and praise of God?   You can make a case for that being the bottom line of why we exist. 
  •  But wait…  Let’s think about ourselves and what we humans want a bit…  If we really get down to it, bottom line, aren’t we all looking for  praise and worship (worship of appropriate kind for a man, woman(,  adoration, love,  people being thankful to us,  people acknowledging and appreciating the things we do for them, people giving us compliments,  people thinking and saying that  we are wonderful, great, beautiful, awesome, super duper, the bee’s knees…  Not only do we want this from people want this or similar from God and others.  Isn’t that really our main driver? 
  • Hmm that is interesting isn’t it.   I wonder how that happened…  Oh yes we are made not only in the image of God but also the likeness of God!
  • The vaccines:   why would you put satanic witchcraft into you?  All of modern allopathic MD medicine is satanic whitchcraft sorcery illusion trickery designed to  make you sick so your treatable  ultimately altering your DNA so you are no longer  mankind therefore irredeemable like the beings on the planet in the days of Noah who are the demons we battle today according to Heaven visitation expert Kevin Zadai.  Anyone telling you vaccines are good is Haman. 
  • Are these words from God or is this my imagination?   Hmm.  It’s hard to analyze that right now for me. Maybe you can tell. I can’t even tell exactly what my imagination is vs. other forms of thinking with exact clarity yet although I started working on that. Well at night before going to bed I lean on the Lord and in trust and I  listen up for any particular words that comes to my head,  Or maybe it’s more like words that come up from within on up to my head. I am engaged in practicing and developing my trust in God, trying to grow up spiritually.  I’m looking to develop that dynamic, walking, friendship like Trust with God.   We all need to work on this personal trust with God don’t we.  We all need to be opening our ears to hear the voice of the Lord  because after all,  His sheep hear His voice –  so we all better hear His voice, God’s, Jesus’s voice!
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