Word from March 8 2021

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“The people will suffer for not obeying My Word & not heeding My sheep.  My word has been among you for some time through my prophets.  Because those of you who did not seek

Me, seek My face, you chose the enemy, Lucifer, Satan, instead.  You did not care to make the effort to get right with Me. Selah.

Chose the darkness and darkness you will get.  Why won’t you come to Me?  Exert yourselves. Put a little effort into knowing your God, your Creator!

I yearn for you to turn to Me and for others, to turn back to Me.  Come on now, be reasonable.  Seek me.  Find Me. And I will heal you.  I will heal your land. 

Obeying Me may not be the easy & safe sounding thing to do.  This is done, setup, intentionally so that you may develop faith, walking, ongoing, continuous trust in Me.  This is how we will operate in the future on the New Earth, by Trust, by Faith, it is our connection, it is your connection to The Power Source…”


  • Choose Life. Choose God.
  • God want’s a real relationship. He doesn’t just want a relationship based on Him being the Provider and that’s it.   That would be like marrying for money and if the cash flo ain’t flowin then you out the do’ like a ho’, a genuine prostitute who only marries for money.   Don’t be a ho.  Don’t be a prostitute. 
  • Put effort into pursuing God. either the aggressive in doing so.  Many of us procrastinate wanting for some inspiration were perfect moment. But from experience, it doesn’t work out that way. We have to willfully and intentionally seek God, put the effort in. Many people and not struggled with this, maybe depending on their religious education or family mindset too, and trying to do all of the essential thing, the worldly things, the social responsibility saying etc. the first, try to make ourselves perfect and ready before we seek God.  So we have to change his mindset and finally let the words of Jesus from the New Testament sink in when he tells us to seek the kingdom of God first and God’s righteousness (understood as obedience of the New Testament whole New Testament)  AND THEN all things will be added to you: so all of these responsibilities including and especially money will be added to you. But from my experience with God and my experience in my own relationships, God wants a genuine relationship with us; He doesn’t want to be put in a religious box, and he doesn’t want to be only sought for the provision.  Like He says, He wants you to love Him with all your heart all your mind all your soul and all your strength -now that’s a lot of love!  He wants you be in love with Him.  And when we understand this we can now start to change and take actions, change your habits in order to love God this way. So we specifically look to get organized and develop strategies in order to develop the habits that makes God feel totally loved by us.  It’s really great that God wants this the most if you think about it. To me that means He has a great big heart and He is a really really good Person! 
  • Yes there was a lot of time since Trump’s 2016 for people to choose a glorious future in the USA.  Unfortunately, many chose to agree with pure, nonsensical, non logical evil, calling those who do good, “evil”.  These people would not stop with their evil.  Sounds like punishment is coming. If you hear all the utterly sinister effect those COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are causing and are supposed to cause in 3 to 18 months (mass death), then that certainly sounds like punishment.  That sounds like the parted waves of the Red Sea are coming crashing down on those non-repentant, those who made themselves out to be enemies of God and God’s anointed, Donald Trump. 
  • God’s got to manage billions of people.  So don’t be a problem maker for God.  Become a problem solver. Lets ‘just stop “thinking” with our flesh minds, our cerebral minds, our heart’s mind our programmed subconscious minds and let’s put on the Mind of Christ, let’s be the new man, let’s think through the new Spirit man, let’s just hear what God says and SIMPLY DO IT.




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