Word from March 19, 2021

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“Praise Yeshua. He is a Mighty King.  He will come save His own. Not to worry. Abide in Me. Bring Me praise and I will give you the nations. 

For those of you who understand not, I like praise. I like it very much, if you can’t tell. Don’t you? I have designed you this way like Me in My Image & Likeness. So if you want to please Me then offer up the sacrifice of praise. If you don’t know how to praise Me just start with something small, for example of a work of Mine, a design or you can look at this skies & see My glory above.

Praise makes Me feel loved & appreciated. Praise makes Me feel acknowledged, valued, considered, that you know I AM alive & that you care.

Remember, you are made in My likeness after Me. You feel similar feelings as I do. And once you understand how you operate better then you’ll understand better what I AM like.

Why do you think I AM doing all of this? Why do you think I AM tolerating all of this evil for a time? Why did I create the universe and all that is within it? Do you know?

Love. Companionship & praise. 

I want friends. I want honor & respect. I want people to think I AM great & special. I want people to love Me, in fact, be in love with Me. Does that sound familiar at all to you?…”


  • Most of us have been brought up in various religions that taught us all sorts of things about God and Christianity. Some of it was good some of it was not so good. Ultimately, what I found out was that through directly reading the Bible I got to know God better and better and better. I got to know Him better, what He likes and did not like.  Every time I read the Bible it cleaned up my soul within. Every time I read through the Bible my faith was strengthened considerably. As I read the Bible over and over in volume multiple times a year my relationship with God increased. I felt I got to know God better this way on the person-to-person, knowing basis.  I began to recognize what sounds like it’s from God versus what sounds like it’s not from God better and better and better. This led me to be able to recognize different prosthetic voices early on as soon as I heard them because I recognized, some would call it, the frequency from those words, for example from Mark Taylor.
  • As you get to know the Bible more and more you’ll realize that God is a Person and He has feelings! I remember the day and place where I first realized that God had feelings.  I was reading in the book of Isaiah.  I was out of the country.  Realizing that God actually had feelings hit me hard and I felt really bad because I realized to that point in time I must have been hurting His feelings all along. 
    • Being brought up in my “Christian” religion, if you can even call it Christian, I developed some strange concepts of God.  Eventually I felt a hunger for God and decided to rebel against my religion and read the Bible whereas I had to rebel against my religion in order to read the Bible because they told me that I was not allowed to read the Bible… which is quite strange isn’t it.
  • An amazing thing I discovered some time ago from the volume Bible reading with the purpose of looking to get to KNOW the Word, get a KNOWING of the Word, in addition to reading the various prophetic writings by many many different profits here in modern times is that we are made in God’s image yes, everyone knows that, but we are also made in His likeness. Now I associate His likeness in terms of desires wants and feelings, how we operate, what we want.  And through reading the Bible over and over and over in combination with these various prophetic writings I have come to a realization that in part, in many ways, we can get to know God better, to understand God as a person better, to develop a better, trusting, person-to-person relationship with God, while understanding what God wants and doesn’t want by getting a knowing of the Word, the Bible, but by also looking at ourselves!  What do you really want bottom line?  You could say, bottom line, that most all of us want: love, to be in love, honor, respect, people think we’re wonderful and excellent, people to be thankful when we do stuff for them and so on.

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