Word from March 17, 2021

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Word from March 17, 2021

When I get through to the land there well be no doubt Who is God and there is no other God besides Me.

I’m going to flatten the earth, make the valleys level in the mountains low. And then my grace will be shown upon the land and the land will be blessed.

And the people of the Earth will honor Me for that.

I will go into the valleys, the nooks and crevices and cleanse out the wicked. They will be exterminated as your exterminators would exterminate cockroaches.

When my plans are revealed that day the nations will shudder in shame finally realizing that I AM God and there is no other.

The nations forgot Me and they will not again until that time reserved for the enemy is revealed. And these days going forward stay in Me and I will abide in you; you will be safe…


  • There are many elements of this word that aligns with many other words in prophecy and what so many prophets are saying. It’s pretty neat to get insight on how things are with God better and how God really wants our attention. He really wants to restore our relationship with Him.
  • Again I’m not claiming to be a prophet nor am I even claiming that I know what I’m doing here.  Before going to bed I sit there with a note pad and sometimes these words pop out.  Could this be an expression of my subconscious trying to process all the news and research and Bible reading I’ve taken in?  Could it be my imagination? Or could these words be from God?  They certainly don’t seem to be from my conscious cerebral or heart’s mind because I aim at turning those off.  I wait for that last second word to pop into my mind.  And because when I write in the note pad, there are usually not any, if any, spelling or grammar errors, maybe God indeed is talking through me.  🙂 We will see as I mature along here. I still am in the process of detoxing a heavily religious up bringing.  I believe I am hearing God tell me what to write and these words certainly coordinate to what’s been going on and the various prophets I watch and read, especially from ElijahList.com and Elijah Streams on Youtube.  But I don’t know factually yet.  I don’t have clarity on the different voices to the degree I want and need them yet: my physical body, vs my cerebral mind, vs my subconscious mind, vs. my heart’s mind (yes the heart has a mind that was actually measured by scientific devices to be 8000 times more powerful than the cerebral mind), vs. my “imagination mind” (still don’t know with clarity what is my imagination vs. other thoughts, voices), outside voices in the spirit realm, vs. my spirit man vs. my “gut instinct voice” (the voice that is always or seemingly always right even before I was born again), vs. Holy Spirit, the Lord Yeshua, and God the Father.  What about the voices, or thoughts bouncing around the Earth? The Universe?  The Ether? Where do good ideas come from? Where do bad ideas come from?   As we all gain more clarity vs. these different voices in the thought realm (outside of the externally audible voices i.e. other people, radio, TV, computers etc) we will all gain greater accuracy in everything we accept as thoughts, believe, think, say and do. We all need to get to a point where we all accurately hear God’s voice at all times. 
  • And you can a get perspective from hearing the various heaven visitation prophets that it really seems that God’s feelings were really hurt badly when mankind rejected Him and went following after Satan.  Satan, Lucifer had done an extremely bad betrayal to God’s Face, conspiring behind God’s back (so he thought) and then led a war to try and overthrow Heaven and “conquer God”  ( as absurd as that sounds).  So it’s really personal, a personal rejection of God of His Persona and Personality.
  • Remember that God is God. He is who He is Who He is.  And he is invisible to us to our our physical eyes but many would say that we can kind of see Him, sense Him with our spiritual eyes if that make sense to you.  And he’s giving us a chance to turn back to Him. He showing mercy on us since maybe we were so confused and weak, or you just showing mercy on us because he really loves us and he hopes that we’ll just apologize and restore our relationship with Him.  These concepts are becoming more more clear as things are moving along, as we get to know the word of God more and as we keep up or at least try to keep up with prophecy as you see a lot of prophecy coming true Elijah list.com. Also they have their Elijah streams YouTube channel.
  • The statements about cockroaches may seem extreme to many. But when you find out if you don’t already how abominably, hideously, unthinkably wicked these people were especially in what they did to children then you’ll be relieved and thankful to God’s dwelling to cleanse the land. If you give these wicked people an inch they’ll take 10,000 miles. There is no compromise with the wicked. There’s no dealmaking you can make with the wicked.
  • That reminds me:
    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” this could apply these days come out of the ways, the thinking, the behavior, the systems, the institutions, the sins, repent and turn to God and hide in  Him.

    Because if you stay on associated with the things of the wicked and this time as many prophets have mentioned you could get sucked into judgment yourself (i.e. – listening to fake news and fake medicine (MD allopathic Satanic Pharmakeia is Satanic medicine that only brings more sickness and early death, and now with global extinction of humanity possibilities…) 

    For example you were told many times by many prophets not to listen to the kingdom of darkness from the kingdom of darkness mainstream media.many people don’t understand spiritual power and how it can influence you. Many people don’t understand that if you explore the darkness you’ll get sucked into it. The darkness will leave marks on and drop seeds into your soul causing you to seek its more and more later as you look to follow the mystery of it as you look to solve the mystery which ends up in usually something related to send and destruction. So for example if you’re watching the mainstream satanic media you can easily get a lot of weed seeds in your soul would start to sprout up into all sorts of bad behavior and wrong beliefs that cause bad fruit.

    You can even start to feel pressured to get a mark of the beast style vaccine thereby potentially ruining your life and there’s also an association of changing your genetics so you are no longer human.  Therefore you would become like a creature in the days of Noah which was every humanoid on Earth except Noah’s family that is said to be the only remaining genetic humans left.

    Those other genetically modified non human people became the irredeemable and are the demons we now battle with these days in the spirit realm.

    Those people became the irredeemable because they had their genes changed to something that wasn’t human anymore. It is considered that this is the reason why you’re warned not take the mark of the beast in Revelation.  And although most prophets say we are not in the actual tribulation times yet we’re just being shown for learning lessons sake, we are already seeing repeated cycles of concepts, or in fact some parts of the Book of Revelation may actually be happening now!!! Or we could be seeing a theme and variation story cycle from the Bible that Jonathan Cahn talks about in his books.
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