Word from March 12 2021

blue and white light illustration

“Will you abide in Me son?  Out of your belly will flow streams of living water and a power that will be hard to even imagine. 

When My power fills your being people will know you are one of Mine and they will tremble. 

Abide closely in Me & My power will start to flow through you will…”   

Sorry I “lost transmission” at the end and I think just zonked out, fell a sleep as these words come while laying on my bed before going to sleep. But these are powerful concepts we would all do very well getting AGGRESSIVE in “reprogramming” ourselves to turn them into a HABIT.

  • Receive the word yourself!
  • Son = son or daughter does it not?  In Heaven we are all “sons” or rather we become all “daughters” technically since we are becoming the Bride of Christ.
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