Word – From April 8th 2021

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April 8, 2021

“I the Lord God Who reigns over the Earth shall make Myself famous to the masses. There will not be a doubt that I AM God. I do this in My Mercy.

People don’t understand that judgment is swift and merciless to those who reject My very own Son, Jesus, your Messiah.

Have you not read My Word?

The people of the Earth need to read My Word for themselves and not just openly accept what others they about My Word. Read My Word and you will see that it is true. And I will bless you for doing so.

And then you will know that I AM God.

My Word will go to work in you and touch your soul.
Pursue Me and then I will pursue you.

Show Me that you love Me and I will love you forever.

Draw close to Me and I will draw close to you.
Your invitation is to be with Me, your Father.

Will you joint me at My House, Heaven? And then on the New Earth?

I hope you choose Me. Choose life. I AM life. All life comes for Me and no one or nowhere else.

Will you choose Me today by receiving My Son to be your Redeemer, your Savior, your Lord, your Husband forever?

I hope you do so today even. Just go ahead and go for. You have everything to gain. Waiting cost you your eternity. Choose now. Received My son Jesus.

Believe in your heart that He died for your sins in order to redeem you back to Me.

Otherwise we would have been separated forever.

Come on now. Overcome your fears. Cry out to Me and I will give you grace and a special blessing.

I will help you. I will enable you to believe on My Son so you can be saved.

Come on. You can do it. I will be so proud of you.

Become My son today and be born again into My family. I’m waiting. Will you believe on My Son now?

Please do.

I have a special place prepared for you already. You’ll absolutely love it.

Ask Jesus to save you now.

Believe on Him.

Invite him to be your Lord.

I AM waiting. Amen.”


  • No prophet claims here!  Use your own discernment.   I lay on my bed.  I get a notion from within. I write what I hear word by word.  No I have not done words before.  But I think these words have been great.  I hope they help you too.
  • What was also neat about this word is the pleading and fatherly like encouragement for people to turn to Him and ask for help, for clarity on how to be saved and born again into the family of God. 
  • Believing on Jesus is complicated and simple all at the same time.  We know how to do so on one hand but that can get really confusing when we try to break it down and figure it out in our minds.  Bottom line what is needed?  Be straight up with God. Be real with God. Get right with God person to Person.  Ask for help!  Seek for answers and understanding.  Knock and talk to God, hang out with Him; the door will be open.    Continually ask for help and understanding when you don’t know.  You need to KNOW in your sense of KNOWING so you know that  you know.   Knowing isn’t about fake knowing, conscious mind knowing, cerebral mind knowing and others are calling it “left brain” knowing, possibly the mind of the physical body or the soul vs. the spirit. 
  • These are very serious times.  Get right with God in every way.  Also do the soul work by getting on our Volume Bible Reading Plans 2. by figuring out the 666 of the Bible while identifying them in yourself in every ways shape or form while getting them out of your life, essentially disbelieving in sin, in sins.   3. Install Jesus’ commands of the New Testament (see the lists from the side menu that we’ve compiled) and get to work “reprogramming” your soul to believe in His commands, the King of Kings gives commands, to be a doer of His commands, to put Jesus’ sayings into practice and build your house upon the ROCK, to become the 4th seed that bears fruit some 30, some 60 some 100 fold. 
  • For example, let’s say you get conned into taking a vaccine, then you die a week later.  Now you would be in eternity.  You never know when you are going to go.  So get right with God now.  Say the sinners prayer and mean it.  You need to go through the formal process of the sinners prayer to be born again:   Here is a model below you can use: 


Salvation Prayer Prophet Nathan French Used Successfully


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