Word. From 2/20/21

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The Word of the Lord says:  “Peace to His people on Earth.  There is no rest for the wicked.  My people who are called by My Name need to turn to me with their heart and mind and I will give them rest.  Selah.  

I will provide for their needs.  i, yes I will give them what they need and what they want if they will only seek My Face, seek My Presence. Seek My Face and all will go well with you. Delight in Me and I will delight in you.  Amen.”


  • God’s people who abide in Him will be blessed going forward.  Eventually we will be healed of all disease and will be financially bless which certainly coordinates with NESARA GESARA and the transfer of the wealth of the wicked (who stole quadrillions from us and our families over time – 34 quadrillion in gold was captured from the Vatican, below the Vatican where they did bad things to children then sacrificed them to I guess Molech, Ba’al Satan).  Also there were meticulous records of what wealth belonged to whom for generations.  Additionally, a huge amount of hidden books and hidden knowledge were captured as well. 
  • God has requested all through out the Bible that we seek Him and delight in Him, spend the Sabbath with Him, delight in Him and He will give you the desires of your heart.  So because God has to keep asking over and over and over, including through most modern day prophets, it must be a hard thing for us humans in the flesh to seek God, to abide in Him or… we just make it hard out of fear or thoughts that we are not worthy or thoughts that God doesn’t care about me and thoughts like that.  Well maybe if you  go into yourself and target those blocks you have then it becomes easier to abide in Christ and delight  in God.  That may be of big help as I observe in my self.
  • So be happy.  Celebrate.  Trust God.  Take Him at His Word in the Bible.  Take Him at His Word through the prophets, the prophets who harmonize with the Word of God. 
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