Word. February 25, 2021

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February 25, 2021

“My glory will shine. Children come home. Come home to
me and I will give you rest. Peace be still. Know that I
am God. I am in the knowing.

Whirlwind and a storm. My fury is about to break on the
wicked. I gave them time to repent. I pleaded to them
to repent. They did not. They refused. Now my wrath
will be poured upon them. Selah.

For the mighty say, “there will be no peace”, but watch
what I will do. I will slay the wicked with the words
of my mouth.” The Word of the Lord has spoken.

Notes – Reflections:

  • this word coordinates with a lot of others at this time. This word also coordinates with various pictures of strategy and military action.
  • When we thought we would’ve seen the whole draining of the swamp concept quickly, within a year maybe, yet there was delay after delay, concepts of mercy, pleading for people to repent before the judgment of hell for eternity, a concept of mercy came to mind over that time frame. Yet also we saw the attempts of man to do things on their own, even mentioned in prophecy by the Lord saying that the leaders, I guess implying a number of MAGA leaders, were not seeking the Lord and even calling doing so “superstition”. But as told by prophets for many years now, this war is way over our heads as mankind and that we would absolutely need to work with God and Heaven, even employing the Host of Heaven to set the victory and then we would follow.  But we saw error after error and as God has said before, the world will know that there is a God.  And this is the time of God the Father, preparing the Bride of Christ for His Son.
  • Yet there is good news around the corner. Many of us have been hearing about NESARA for some time and the Great Jubilee.  There is a masterful process going on as directed by God.  Many of the world have been waking up but many others have not. Mainstream media, lying satanic mainstream media is still up and running seducing the world, putting them under a spell, continually, and masterfully lying to them. Yet God commanded us particularly his millionaires and billionaires to take out the mainstream media replace them if the Mark Taylor prophecies. But you did not.  Now we have the planet being let off the cliff, being seduced by the Pied Piper into their destruction through vaccines and even those Trojan horse sabotage COVID-19 test kits which inserted ultrahigh tech nano smart dust up into the brain area.
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