Word.  2/23/21

black night sky

Word.  2/23/21

“Lucifer, Lucifer you days are numbered. You feed my
sheep too long. Now, no more. I will hand you and your
people into My people’s hands to do what they will of
them. Your days are numbered in will be cut short. Your
eternal misery is nigh.” So says the Spirit of the Lord
the Word of God.

“Tapestry, tapestry a will you confuse my word with

“The medical industry will fall”, so says the Lord. It
will be replaced. The medical industry has been
corrupted by the enemy. The enemy shall not stand. The
corrupt will be removed from the face of the earth.”
The Word of the Lord has spoken.

Notes – Reflections

  • Babylon is falling. All of the fake world religions will be exposed including “Christian” -based religions. Now is a very good time to read the book of Isaiah a few times. The book of Isaiah is coming to life for those of us who been following real news and have contrasting with fake.  Kingdom rises against kingdom. This is the kingdom age.  Kingdom versus kingdom, Kingdom of Heaven versus kingdom of darkness.  Heaven has been invading the earth. The kingdom of darkness tried to raise the antichrist or all their wickedness, their promotion of wickedness and all of their  underground or even above ground terrible sacrificing of human children.
  • Part of Babylon is the allopathic MD, “modern medicine” pharmakeia, “Snake Medicine” with founder Dr. Ba’al (look at the Baphomet stomach for the MD symbol.)  Pharmakeia is sorcery is pharmaceuticals is vaccines is a large percentage of the various surgical procedures: all of which can be likened to a Trojan horse affect or better described as masking a symptom, covering up a symptom while  creating multiple problems in the body for the short, medium and long-term to these various “treatments”.  They even tell you directly in their commercials and in their various paperwork, disclaimers, inserts about all of the problems that their hocus-pocus treatments can cause but they figure people are too dumb and lazy to go look after these things. This sorcery is compounded upon through the draining of the nutrients from farming or foods, to do further processing and chemically contaminating our foods, from telling us false information about how to be healthy while hiding the ways to be cured, healed, while hiding even patents on methods and technologies that provide advanced healing.  The modern medical pharmakeia allopathic medicine, by their own stats has been attributed to causes more not needed deaths versus all the wars of the world combined – yet that’s nothing in comparison to what they want to do with the stated intent of wiping out 90% of the world’s population, killing billions, whereas these vaccines, these genetically modifying “Mark of the beast” vaccines is one of their prime vehicles, whether that be immediately or by forcing a series of vaccines that will eventually sterilize the planet and terminate most of the human beings if not stopped.  So by the many decades by stripping down our foods, by poisoning our foods, our water, our air, by lying to us about what is healthy and what is not, by poisoning us with their vaccines setting us up for future problem after problem, by giving us pharmaceuticals that at best patch up some symptoms while then going on to trade all sorts of other future problems as they even reveal on the commercials… and so on and so forth… By mocking those who are successful at healing people or even assassinating them… They set up people’s bad health so they can “treat” them… Yet these treatments further set people up for what they are attempting at this moment which is a gene altering “Mark of the beast” vaccine that is said to make you be irredeemable like all of those in the days of Noah before the flood (except Noah’s family) who are all genetically corrupted by genetic alteration or mixing of fallen angel genetics (now all of those people are the demons of today we battle).  The intents of these market of these vaccines are to exterminate the week, while then transforming the genetics of people so that they become actually owned by the vaccine company.
  • In regards to the tapestry quote: some thoughts regarding that concept would be the interweaving of different concepts, doctrines, religions, fake news into your soul intermixed with the Word of God thereby creating a confusion, an output of a tapestry that is not produce a good result.  So therefore in order to weave our rugs whereas we are these rugs, this tapestry, we would want to only use the good thread, from God, the Word of God, by reading the Bible, by listening to modern prophets and by direct conversation with God making sure that we walk in a trusting person-to-Person relationship with God hearing what He says!
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