Word.  2/23/21 – Part 2

Word.  2/23/21

“I AM that i AM will recall His children to righteousness, holiness, purity & sovereignty.  They, My children will rise to rule the nations for my Great Harvest of 1 billion souls.  My Word shall not return to Me void but perform everything I say.  Selah.

Those who worship Me will be put in 1st place.  They will have no needs.  They will have no lack.  They will live in abundance and wealth.  So it shall be. I have said it.  Amen. “


  1. So i’m laying on my bed focusing on trusting the Lord God as in a trusting relationship, you know, the kind you maybe had when you were a kid or in High School.  So I hear / feel: “write”.  So i listen. And I write.  I listen word by word, and write word by word trying to keep up at the same time.  Sloppy handwriting … it was all down hill on handwriting since what, 2nd grade…. but this is what these Words are. 
  2. We should all be hearing God’s voice because after all, His Sheep hear His voice, hence, it’s scary if we are not hearing His voice.    Maybe we ought to all just calm down, become ultra honest and genuine, and talk to God and listen to Him.  Maybe we need to “stop thinking”, turn off our “conscious minds” and our “hearts minds” and then just listen, I guess, which would be, “in Spirit”.
  3. So on that note. I’m no one. I don’t claim to be anything or anyone fancy, special, of any title, cool, good looking, smart or anything.  at best maybe you could call me, “Brother Meathead” lol.  It was or maybe still is one of my many nicknames I’ve picked up over time, a nickname attributed to me by many different people, over many different locations and times so there must be something to it!  lol.  So don’t follow me.  Just keep what you see and hear from anyone talking about the Word of God in proper perspective.  Sure we can learn from different people as the Lord has taught them; but we better stop this bad habit of following man.  Only God can teach us.  Jesus is our One and Only Teacher as He has said. The more you know the Word the better you’ll be able to identify what’s from God vs. not, like with the various prophecies out there.   Get on our Volume Bible Reading Plans with the Volume Bible Reading System from our side bar menu to start KNOWING the Word. 
  4. So these words popped out.  Am i making them up?  I have no idea.  Maybe, but I don’t think I’m smart enough to make these words up.  Could they be expressions from studying all of these various prophets and better news sources?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Could this actually be God telling me what to write?  Probably.  It lines up with scripture.  I’ve been reading Isaiah a lot since when I ask what to read, I’ve mostly been hearing Isaiah plus certain chapter numbers.  In regards to Isaiah, shockingly, pretty much every time, that chapter in Isaiah is lining up or paralleling to right NOW, that is, if you’re paying attention to what’s going on and you’re listening to the prophets.
  5. Hoping this NESARA GESARA launches soon.  So need it!  Need the freedom to preach the Good News, to deliver the Good News to the Poor.  To feed the Sheep, to feed the Sheep High Quality Organic Sheep Food!
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