Will “Operation 99” Commence Before the Nov 8 Election?

Will “Operation 99” Commence Before the Nov 8 Election? Operation is the Opposite of Operation 66 Which the Dark Empower Pulled off with Clone Chip Implants to Kill all the Jedi. Operation 99 is the Opposite…

  •  “Operation 66”, from I think, The Clone Wars cartoon series (can get on amazon) was interesting, how the clones had chips implanted in their head; the clones were good guys but were taken over by that biochip in their heads.  The clones were Jedi military companions but then turned on the Jedi and eliminated most of them when the evil empower flipped the switch on Operation 66.
  • This is similar scenario developing with the vaxxed. 
  • The vaxx’d in the future can pose to become a massive problem since they are turning into cyborgs and can be controlled by the antichrist destroyer of universes, evil AI as Ismael Perez, cosmic historian explains. 
  • Researchers say that the Vaxxed can already be controlled by LED lights and 5G. These LED lights and 5G then would need to be eliminated.  And something needs to be done about the vaxx’d being cyborg.  As the days go buy in combination with the acceleration that comes from the boosters, these people will become more and more cyborg.   Unless this great solar flash comes in or the Medbeds can do some miracle:  there maybe no hope for the Vaxx’d but also the Vaxx’d become a grave danger for the Unvaxxed.  They are Already a grave danger for the unvaxxed with their shedding.  And if you exchange bodily fluids with a Vaxx’d, you’re hosed. 
  • Allowing these vaxxes to proceed and to continue is foolish, unless there is some bigger backup plan. Some have said that this was allowed intentionally inorder to separate out the wicked. The wicked tended to take the vax.  What is wicked?  Any form of disobedience to the Bible.  See the 666 sins of the Bible list from our sidebar. The wicked are those who don’t KNOW and LOVE GOD – and it’s those who get sent a STRONG DELUSION so they WILL go ASTRAY.  “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned”.  Well, God’s fury is greater since He’s your Maker.
  • On the other hand, it is said that our DNA is being upgraded. Ismael says we’ll be like XMEN or at least a number of people will be.  Prophets have talked about the greater works and miracles. After the Great Solar Flash many will have Marvel / DC like super hero powers as the Earth ascends to 5D.  Some say all the Vaxx’d and bad people go back into a 60,000 year reincarnation cycle – “The Lake of Fire”
  • We have to be careful who we listen to these days, preachers, prophets, spiritual experts, voices from the spirit realm – you don’t know who is a disinfo agent!  We can not blindly follow any of these. You have to walk in Spirit. You have to do what’s right.  And you have to get to the FACTS, not beliefs or opinions.  If someone is pitching you a belief; that can be ANYTHING of any type of conjob or error.  “You just have to believe…”  The Bible is factual. You can speak to God factually. Complete honesty, being in the light, is a requirement, and a requirement to avoid the Lake of Fire as mentioned in Revelation.   Complete honest deals in facts, not mystery woo woo ‘beliefs’.   From experience:  anything that seems mystery woo woo, that isn’t straight up, that wants you to explore the mystery is almost always a trap, of not always a trap.
  • But right now, the reversal of operation 66 is Operation 99 by the white hat militaries and their galactic, angel helpers. 
  • Are the galactic, the good, higher dimensional beings, the same as what we’ve been calling the angels of different types and tribes?  Angel means messenger does it not?  Not sure.  Stick the Bible and read it over and over and over.  See our Volume Bible Reading Plans with the Volume Bible Reading System – get on those. It’s free. 
  • The only reason a military would let this info out is that: a. these people have already been arrested b. we’re using alien tech that reads DNA signatures or individual essences, frequencies, or something like that.  

From telegram summarizing a news reporting site called “Restored Republic”  – They’ve been giving out predictions and info for years.  Is it correct? Some concepts seem to be correct.  Their dates usually are not correct. Maybe purposeful disinfo for the enemy on dates.  But concepts align with prophets of good things to come and judgement on the wicked.   

From telegram / restored republic:

Within the next three weeks the world was expected to have a Near Death Experience that would put 86 countries under Martial Law.

The need for Martial Law was because they needed everyone off the streets for a final arrest of Deep State Players. They don’t want gangs running in the street and doing whatever they wanted so they would have a complete society shutdown.

Right now Naval Military around the world were getting into position for a Martial Law takeover of all major countries.
In the US Biden-Harris-Pelosi would be removed using a variety of various charges including Treason.
Martial Law in the US would last for 120 days until new and fair Elections could be held.
Martial Law in other countries would last depending on needs of the citizens of the country.
Restored Republic👉 Instructions related to Martial Law would be announced through the Emergency Broadcast System (activated through the new Star Link Satellite Station – the Mainstream Media Satellites due to be shut down) to every phone, TV and radio station in the world.
Initially we would receive seven EBS messages. One of them would be that we needed to get to our homes, or wherever we wanted to be for the next ten days.
Under Martial Law major cities (at least 70 in the US) and in some cases, the entire country, would be shut down with everyone ordered to be off the streets for at least ten days.
It was advised to have at least ten days to three weeks worth of food, fuel, cash, water and essential items on hand.
The Military would be of assistance to assure needed services such as medical care, would be met. They also would be handing out food for those who don’t have enough for their needs.
During those ten days Mass Arrests would finish on 450,000 Deep State Players worldwide. Those 450,000 were under indictment and were scheduled for imprisonment and Military Tribunals at GITMO, Washington DC, Buckingham Palace and other key locations.

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