Will Hydroxychlorquine Plus Zinc and… Cure AIDS / HIV?

It could.  The logic is there.  That also depends on quantity, frequency, side effect issues, nutritional state of lack thereof, soul issues, exercise habits or lack thereof etc etc.

How so? 

  1. Prevention of replication of a bad viral bug. 
  2. Prevention of bad viral bug DNA RNA replication in cell (zinc). 
  3. Hydroxycholoroquine forces zinc into cell (and so do other things). 
  4. Hydroxycholoroquine raises pH around the cell (more alkaline) which also prevents duplication of viral infected cells.   
  5. Of course Hydroxycholoroquine  is drug and although it sounds like it’s not as corrupt a drug as modern drugs sound like it’s still an isolate from nature, from original design.  Isolates have side effects. 
  6. Plus it’s still a quick fix patch job. If you don’t change your habits to keep your immune system strength high, to keep your body clean outside yet more so inside, to keep up with your essential nutrients and keep your body running, how it was originally intended to run, you’ll be vulnerable to problems like these over and over again.

You also may want to start to look into the concept of:  the ways of God are life, but the ways of the world, the lower grade thinking of man, sin, the ways of the kingdom of darkness … are death and decay.

Other smart healthcare pros are fixing AIDS HPV Herpes by cleansing it out of the body while regenerating the body up into a more pure form.

Zinc also works on warts fyi especially ionic. 

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