Will Donald Trump Win the Election for 2020? Yes. Absolutely – Learn Why

Donald Trump beside man in black suit

Trump Won Already.  Pence will Be President for 8 Years After.  Then There will be Another Trump in the White House Later.

Stop being wishing washy.  You’re making us look bad.  Maybe all of these Preachers over the years who have been preaching end times, especially to sell their books and movies, have brain washed Christians into laying down their arms in the spiritual and physical to let evil rise nearly (as you can see at this juncture) wipe out 90% (really 100%) of the humans on this planet. 

On top of that, you have a bunch of pansies out there thinking they are going to “get along” with a bunch of demons possessed people and play nice with them.    They say they are just going to lay down and let the wicked win, steal their election and murder almost all of humanity.   Sorry.  Time to do some estrogen cleansing and testosterone boosting.  You are in war that is finally starting to manifest so everyone is starting to get a picture of what is going on.  There’s only one way out:  Fight.  Conquer.  And remove the evil completely planet wise or they will just simply come back, what, 7 times stronger. We are at end game levels.  

  • You can not even take their COVID-19 tests those are a scam. They magnetically tag you with a tagger that probably lodges into your brain as reported.   Others have reported that the are actually giving you that virus and maybe others through the test kit.  They collect your DNA and tell you to your face right on the test kit bag.
  • Are you foolish enough to think vaccines are ok?  Are you foolish enough to think that anything from a pharmaceutical company is ok?   It’s through pharmakia that the nations are deceived in Revelation 18, for perspective.  
  • Did not the Body of Christ neutralize COVID-19  It was decreed out, declared out and neutralized.  What you are seeing is reported to be regular influenza and pneumonia reported as COVID-19.  On top of that “corona virus” is the common cold that has been around for a long time.  So if they were actually testing for COVID-19 they maybe testing for coronavirus as so many tests come back as false positives. 
  • Masks are argued to be the “real kill” they reduce your immune system by 17% while potentially causing pneumonia and permanent brain damage, especially in kids.  Also masks aerosolize the virus creating smaller particles that spread more easy as you exhale through the mask. 
  • These things are a set up for a vaccine designed to a. change your dna b. Just kill you, some right away, but probably with a delayed response.  Vaccines are fake snake medicine in general.  They are used as an excuse to inject you with all sorts of other hideous things that get more and more hideous for poisoning you, making you sterile, giving you brain damage, turning you into canabals  by injecting aborted baby parts into you so you develop a craving for human flesh, while injecting you with “virus parts” so you “become immune to the virus” while they manufacture and launch a new virus year after year.  And really if you think about it,  what’s a virus part??  How can you have a “virus part”, a tiny strand of RNA or DNA??    Whereas if you were told how to keep your immune system strong, then your immune system would pick up any bad virus or bad bacteria in your body and create it’s own antibodies for free without you getting sick in the process. 
“Whoever keeps acting wickedly, let him go on acting wickedly; whoever is filthy, let him go on being made filthy. “Also, whoever is righteous, let him go on doing what is righteous; and whoever is holy, let him go on being made holy.”  “Pay attention!” [says Yeshua,] “I am coming soon, and my rewards are with me to give to each person according to what he has done.

There is a lot of drama out there isn’t there. Time to learn a few lessons.  Time to learn to never tolerate evil and don’t even give it in each because as your learning now; if you get evil an inch it will take 10,000 miles; if you get evil an inch, a spec in your life it will grow and eventually consume you writing you all the way to destruction.

People are used to the bad guys winning for so long. But as God said it’s time for new. It’s time for a new age on the earth. This age is called the kingdom age.

Prescription: What would  do is review all of Kat Kerr’s videos. You can find those links on this website. She deals with God the Father directly.  This is God Almighty from whom everything is.  I mean it’s pretty cool and wild think about isn’t it?!  God Almighty is interacting with us, engaging with us and teaching us. 

But remember you are the clay and you don’t want to mess with the Potter.  There’s a lot of casual talk out there these days which is not good. And remember God is God Almighty and He can do whatever He wants with the clay. So we all need to never forget that point.  God doesn’t owe us anything. 

And we should be extremely thankful for everything going on now and every opportunity we have now to witness and also to experience and also to learn extremely valuable lessons that we can use thousands and millions of years from now  as we rule and reign with Christ in the ages to come.

in particular, as even mentioned in a Mark Taylor prophecy, we should be learning right now about the art of war not only in the physical realm but also in the spirit realm.  And keep in mind that God has designed the warfare in the kingdom seem in my opinion and from my understanding to be a very creative cool way of developing adventurous interaction and relationship building with Him.. So make the most out of it and have fun!

Speaking of the word fun: as God told Kat Kerr – we’re supposed to be purposefully and strategically having fun, particularly in these wild times. Why? God told Kat that fun is a weapon.

If I can remember correctly fun helps break the yoke of negativity and helps return perspective. It also makes the enemy very nervous and unstable, scared and frustrated, deflated. But you’ll have to hear Kat’s video on that – I’m just speaking from memory on that topic. 

But logically speaking you can imagine that they stirring up of positive emotion will likely offset were even counter or even diffuse a negative emotion. So if you are fearful and sad, if you strategically start having fun purposefully in a way that is fun for you ( and does not include sin – yes make sure you stop sinning in all shapes sizes and form going forward – the consequences of sinning going forward become much more severe although the rewards for doing good become much more great.) – then you maybe able to better throw off the negative vomit being thrown at you. 

This is a teaching time right now. you can hear about things and you can read about things that you don’t really learn it and you don’t really get it until you experience it.

So it’s time to experience a few things!

Remember the perspective that there are now 7 billion people on the planet! That’s a lot of people! God has to interact with all of them and bounce everything out while doing many many other things in many many other layers. It’s just absolutely mind-boggling amazing what God is doing when she start to see.

And in order to see or to understand what’s going on now you are going to have to know the Bible really well, particularly the Old Testament. You have to know how things roll and how things are done as God works through humans.  there is a process to it. There is an interaction to it. And will the human respond? Will the human even hear God’s voice? How many times have you heard God’s voice and  did what He wanted right away?  For example, I remember one prophet guy explaining that Trump and team did not do Things the Way, God wanted right away but decided to do their own way because they got their own way was better. And that is super easy to do! You could argue that everyone does that until they mature. Every child wants to go their own way just about you could argue until they mature and start harmonizing with their parents on average.  Was that the case?  God knows.  I’ve seen another prophet mentioning something similar. 

So just because prophecy was set as such God is working with man to get the job done. Why? Why not!  It’s fun!  is the ultimate in virtual-reality.  And you will be doing this type of thing in the future as you rule and reign with Christ as I understand to a certain degree.  This is a relationship building process with God. We are doing many cool adventures and mighty things with God. You may think that you just want to have everything nice all the time but you would get bored.  And right now we are at an extreme point of adventure!  Enjoy it!  Don’t look back at the old ways. Don’t look back at Egypt thinking that slavery and onions are something great to go back to.   We are in a new age. You will experience technology that you use only see on TV in sci-fi shows and movies. You’ll be able to experience incredible wealth and incredible wealth building opportunities. You’ll build to experience cures that have been hidden so you’ll build experience great health and also great antiaging things I hear as well.

So from understanding to date. part of prophecy is God saying what He wants done and man trying or not trying to make it happen.  God also sets challenges for man so that the only way these things can be accomplished is through high levels of trusting faith in God working with God.    Because as God told one prophet, all He needs to do is wave His hand over the Earth and then all the evil is eliminated at once.   But then what would be the point of us being here n this lower level realm?  If God did that, we wouldn’t learn much.  As a kid, eventually we need to learn how to use the potty, brush our own teeth and tie our own shoes all by ourselves.  Well if we are to rule and reign with God the Son, we better do a bunch of learning, as much as we can in this realm and do it fast!  This realm is NOT about the maximization of yourself for this realm but for the next to come.  That’s why, if anything from your life is not being directed towards building the Kingdom of Heaven and mastering God’s Word, Jesus’ commands of the New Testament, you’re wasting time. 

Back to topic…And that’s part of the problem these days. People have been trained to be lazy about reading the Bible. Actually in one particular religion with over 1 billion people you are told not to read the Bible and interpret the Bible on your own which is arguably one of the most ridiculous kingdom of darkness type of scam statements you can imagine, a statement of totalitarian control not wanting you to know the truth, not wanting you to know God, while removing the central messages of salvation, preventing you from being born again and preventing you from knowing what Jesus is Lord means. So in essence a religion like that that associates itself with Jesus and Christianity arguably rather is a gigantic soul traps sucking people down to hell preventing them from salvation. What a scam.  anyways… Get on our volume Bible reading plans with the volume Bible reading system that you can access from the sidebar of this site. These plans are designed for you to have mass quantity learning of the Bible while getting to know the Bible with the approach of getting to know a person, or Person in this instance.

Back to that religious contraption….But there are a few who have escaped, actually a lot these days, that decided to be  rebellious and read the Bible! Yes those rebels! They read the Bible! Those wild and crazy people!  How rebellious!  Who do they think they are reading the Bible on their own!  Those “laymen”.  They call use “laymen” like the MD snake doctors medical industry.  No we laymen are not allowed to take herbs and vitamins on our own. Nooo..  You’re not allowed to read the Bible and be taught by God Almighty; no they say they are god and you can only be taught by them!   Wow they replaced God.  They replaced Jesus as Lord, again just like the Pharisees. 

Yes. Those  wild rebellious folk decided to pursue God. They decided to go to God directly and get right with Him. They decided to not be lazy. They decided to have some intelligence in looking to preparing  for life after death of this flesh body. They had the common sense to be proactive in looking to making sure what happens to them after they die in this realm is going to be a good thing rather than leaving themselves up to random whatever chance.  And eventually they realized that they were supposed to be taught by God directly from the first place calling no man Teacher or Father but only Jesus and God the Father. 

You know these times are great.  They are a time of sifting and sorting and shaking and refining. The refining fire is certainly here that many prophets that talked about. The exposure is here on many different levels besides just governmental corruption and satanic control of this world on so many levels. 

Did you know that the kingdom of darkness does not have authority over man unless man gives them authority.  Ooops!  They only gain authority through trickery.  And now the time of man is up. The man 6000 year lease on Earth is over. As in 2012 we entered the kingdom age where it’s kingdom against kingdom where the Kingdom of Heaven has invaded earth.   That is pretty clear these days wouldn’t you say?

This is why I am telling you to go back through Kat Kerr videos – go watch all of them also watch all of our Mark Taylor prophecies videos where we put his prophecies and the video or just simply read his prophecies. You’ll start to put everything together and understand what is going on right now.

If you have the perspective of the depth of 6000 years of kingdom of darkness embedding in the minds and societies of man then maybe you’ll understand better that there’s quite a bit that needs to be exposed and up root. That is what is going on right now. And as you have gotten to know particularly the Old Testament you’ll see these types of stories and processes and how they work overtime.   Knowing the Old Testament will give you a better perspective of what’s going on now. 

Additionally you don’t want to aggravate God while he is doing 1 trillion things at the same time as Israel did as they were traveling to the promised land. You don’t want to look back to the old ways when God is giving you a great new future. You don’t want to go looking back while  thinking that going back into slavery where you were able to have leeks ( a form of onion) is better than going into the promised land and freedom, the promised land flowing with milk and honey, wealth.

Right now we stand at the precipice of freedom to levels that you have never known. We stand at the precipice of wealth like you’ve never known. You’ll be able to actually own things like your home vs it getting stolen by taxes or even housing association fees. Taxes except for taxes on unessential sales items as a sales tax will go away. No more personal taxes. No more property taxes. No more interest. No more debt.  Money that will have huge purchasing power. And even possibly, the return of incredible amounts of wealth in gold, that have been stolen from your family line, from these disgusting kingdom of darkness workers maybe returned to you which is said to be in the millions.  We’ll see what happens on that; there is debate about that.  This would all be done on this new quantum financial system which is said to also immediately eliminate all forms of financial corruption. 

Right now is the time of testing and learning. God’s will will be done. Donald Trump will be president.  The bad guys will be swept away in a whirlwind, in a storm.

So buckle up buttercup.  Stop blowing in the wind like a reed swayed by the wind, doubting the prophets for example.  That’s just embarrassing.

Additionally for perspective you must think art of war and military strategy.  And stop listening to the news.  It’s embarrassing to see how many people keep listening to main stream satanic controlled media to this point, especially people who should know better. 

Stand on God’s word. Believe God prophets. And go claim the promise land!

Be like Joshua and Caleb.  Don’t be like the rest of Israel who did not make it into the promised land for doubting, whining, slandering and complaining. 

Develop a zero toleration for evil. Cleanse the land. Cleanse the planet. Save the souls. And occupy until Jesus comes back.   Stop wasting time.


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