Will All Allopathic MD, Nurses, Hospital Admin, Professors Be Executed for Crimes Against Humanity ?

Will All Allopathic MD, Nurses, Hospital Admin, Professors Be Executed for Crimes Against Humanity?  It’s Not Just the Covid-19 Vaccine Depopulation Shot Mark of the Beast, But for Practicing Satanic Medicine for the Past 100 or so Years Having Become The Biggest Killing, Maiming, Sick Making, Organ & Blood Stealing Murder Machine this Country Has Ever Know?

Many Doctors and Nurses Repented and Got Out of their Satanic Allopathic MD System.

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  • Never known a MD, Nurse or MD Student who went into Satanic medicine with a genuine care for helping, fixing, curing people (because obviously Satanic allopathic MD medicine doesn’t know how nor does not want to cure a thing) or they would not have gone into MD medicine.  Have not know one single participant in MD medicine world who did not have financial security, status and social approval as their prime driving objective. 

  • These Satanic black magic sorcery practitioners have poisoned, maimed, murdered, now what, into the billions.  They get people to conjure sickness and diseases in themselves with their voodoo, black magic, sorcery, trickery disease name system.   Its to a point where MD’s are some of the dumbest people on the planet or their some of the most evil, along with their nurses, their hospitals, their educators, their administrators, and don’t forget those wicked dentists and pathetic allopathic style veterinarians.  And of course, the foundation of it all, the Pharmakeia,
    So at this point many MD’s are REALLY dumb, but from experience, it’s an act.  They KNOW what they are doing and the kept doing it.  They don’t care:  the keep pushing their scam diagnosis and disease name spell casting system.  They keep pushing the drugs.  They keep pushing their mostly scam procedures.  They keep pushing scam injections.  They ALL NEED TO GO.  The whole system needs to be destroyed. MDs and their nurses are so IGNORANT in regards to how the body works, so corrupted in their heart and so screwed up in their head they should not be allowed to do ANYTHING related to health, not even operate any future health related medical tech such as the “med beds” into the futures. 

  • Will they all be executed? Go to military tribunals?  Have no idea. That whole MD and Pharmakeia industry needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY.  Food, herbs and logical things are worlds superior.  Emergency care would be the last to be tapered out and replaced of the MDs. 

    Judgment going forward is supposed to be brutal.  After all, it’s time for the ELOHEEM, the Sons of God,  to rise, and do their job right, having zero toleration for the wicked.   See Psalms 82 in the Interlinear Bible. The ELOHEEM got in trouble for being slack before which is also why they had to come down here to Earth 3D to live and die like Adamites (where some say would be through the Adamic, face blushing whites, although others may argue that concept.) See Psalms 82 Interlinear at BibleHub.com

    The ELOHEEM, if they know how to cure a disease, will understand, as grandma always said… “an ounce of prevention and worth a pound of cure…” (back when they had cures!) and in the future swiftly and brutally nip any wicked sproutings, dips in evil, in the bud, after all the wickedness is repented out on Earth and the good is installed.   The ELOHEEM are the Sons of God who are to inherit the nations.  “Arise, O ELOHEEM, judge the land because you SHALL inherit all nations.”  Jesus is said to be the Chief ELOHEEM. 

  • To cure the diseased Earth, society and people on it:  First an initial round of discovery of likely root causes need to be found, the bad things.  Then the bad things must be stopped.  Then good things must be identified.  Then the good things must be implemented.  Then the good things must be increased.  As the good things are implemented and increased greater clarity is seen between what is good and what is bad.  More bad things become identified to stop.  And by finding those more bad things, ideas for more new good things come about.  Ultimately the way to cure disease is through REPENTING – the actual meaning of the word, which is to “change your mind” which is to REPROGRAM YOUR MINDS, which is to CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS IN WHAT IS GOOD VS BAD, which is TO REFORMAT, TO REPROGRAM YOUR HABITS. 

  • On the other hand, some MD’s and nurses’ experience, knowing evil, having experience with the evil can be valuable, with those who have repented of this Satanic allopathic MD black magic sorcery system. Those who have experienced evil, and who have become utterly turned off by it wanting to do good and do good only can be more stable leaders in the future and less likely to be tricked by evil.   One could argue that Apostle Paul was chosen and did such a powerfully, bold great job was because he knew what evil was like so he could more clearly differentiate and deny the evil while not getting tricked by the schemes and tricks of the Devil. 

  • But those who pushed the Mark of the Beast End Times Depopulation Hybrid Satanic Hybrid Unhumanizing Borg Maker Covid 19 Vaccines… well,  don’t think there’s any way out for them. 
  • And for the rest of the clueless humans on this planet, ALL Vaccines are a scam. Never let anyone: penetrate your skin, take your blood, steal your organs or get your DNA. 

  • And for the snakes looking to have “blood drives from the unvaccinated” to the unvaccinated:  NEVER give up your blood again.  Their transfusions treatment is an utter scam to feed demonic, the tares, you know the ones who mutilated, molested, drank the blood of and ate your millions and millions of children.  From your blood, you can be fully cloned along with the life force, your soul, your memories because the life is in the blood, as per understanding (double check that with the SuperSoldiers).  If a vax’d person is sick this is considered to be far more effective: EDTA IV x2 plus vitamin C IV and all the bad stuff gets wiped out as (healer) doctors have found. Of course there are a dozen other things that the Vax’d can do.  Blood transfusions into a vaxx’d do nothing but dump supposedly “pure blood” into a vax’d to get contaminated.  Also remember, that if you’ve been around the Vax’d or even out in public breathing vax shedding air, touching things that the vax’d touched, or worse, having touched the vax’d or THEE worst: kissing or having sex with the vax’d (which means that you’re now vax’d) – remember, the Vax’d shedding gets into the unvaxed and starts multiplying.  You can not remain pure by being around the vax’d. Many unvax’d have become very sick, with clots and have died by being around the vax’d. 

  • Ultimately all Mark of the Beast vaccinated will need to be a. completely cured or b. removed from the planet for humanity to survive.  It’s an absolute mess out there.  Plus you have people even weaponizing the OUTDOORS with their horrid depopulation offshedding spike proteins and whatever else that evil, horrid stench is putting out.  You can’t walk through a neighborhood without breathing in some irresponsible person, who rushed to get the Mark of the Beast shedding a depopulation, self replicating bio weapon on you and through your lungs. 

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