WILD! Massive Imaginations or Are Most of Us Totally Clueless – Gene Decode and Venus Twins – Also They Have Jab Fix!

Venus Twins

This Kind of Information – Aliens, Interdimensional Beings, and Angels are Other Dimensional Beings Too, Massive Numbers of Different People Groups in Other Dimensions, 4th Dimension on Up… Listen to This

The Venus Twins were told how to remove the jab, the ‘covid-19 vaccine’ they will publish shortly.

Gene said all 777 books are written in our DNA ‘the junk DNA’.

Connect with Gene Decode here: https://www.geneDecode.org https://www.BlessedforService.org https://truthsocial.com/@Real_gene_De… To book or connect with The Venus Twins: https://linktr.ee/wisdomwovenintime https://www.wisdomhealing.com.au

This information is coming out more and more and more and the pieces are fitting together more and more and more, becoming more logical.  Time to pay attention, listen, take it in, compare and contrast vs different information sources to get more clarity on what is likely more true. 

Gene Decode backs Jesus big time.  He had a major after death and back experience.  He’s loaded with information. He’s letting loose on information this time probably because the Venus Twins understand what he’s talking about. 

This kind of talk about different “alien races”, counsels, galaxies etc. is important to hear to also contrast vs. people’s various Heaven & Hell visitations testimonies.  What’s true vs. what’s a dark side con job is what we all need to find out.  

And since Christianity was captured ever since Constantine and the Jesuits we need the return of a lot more info to get to the truth of the matter.  Good news is that we are in the Apocalypse, Revelation where all will be revealed, and relatively soon…


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