Where are We At? Nearing the End of the Revenge of the Fallen

Where are We At? Nearing the End of the Revenge of the Fallen – The Transformers Movie…

Have you seen the movie? In the movie Revenge of the Fallen? Well were at the point where the bad guys, the Decepticons, who look so overwhelmingly powerful, are about to ignite the pyramid device, drain the sun of it’s energy, thereby killing off all humans.  But convert Decepticon to Autobot Jetfire sacrifices himself to give Optimus Prime super powers to go save the day.  Optimums in our realm is about to rise, and with super powers….

Who is Optimus?…….. Don’t you know?

Do you even know what Transformers are?

The Transformers are not some imaginative thing someone made up. There are a literal representation of 1/3 of the angels, the warrior class – the Host of Heaven!
Woooooooohoooooo! (one of their war cries, really)

They are not pretty boy angels. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can transform into ships and into weapons. How do I know this? Well I listen to those who have seen namely Kat Kerr who has made thousands of trips to Heaven. She was shown the Host Angels and can see them in real time.  They were explained to her and now she is telling the obedient how they can command the Host armies into battle into the spirit realm.  And she can also see because she is a Seer Prophet who can see into the spirit Realm, and she’s been able to do so since she was a young child.

If you are a born again obedient believer you can have your own army of these transformer Host angels.  You start with 100.  Kat will tell you how below to get started.  They will fight the Kingdom of Darkness in the spirit realm, destroy all of their stuff and throw them out into a dry place where they can’t do anything anymore.  See the links below:

Yes it’s so awesome. The Host can transform like the Transformers into weapons and vehicles. Yes I said that right  The Transformers movies are inspired after 1/3 of the angels in Heaven, under Archangel Michael.

Remember they operate in a higher dimension. We are a lower dimension, we are in a fallen dimension since Adam and Eve in our 3D realm here on Earth. And just as we can see a complete picture of a “being” on a 2D piece of paper the 2D dimension can only see lines as a 3D object intersects with a 2D.  Well we can only see a spiritual being, which is one can say a fourth-dimensional being when they step inside, through, or intersect with our third dimension if they choose to, when they are allowed to by God.

On that note, some of those who are in the Body of Christ will be relatively soon taught how to step out of this dimension into the spirit realm and Jesus did when He walk through the crowd that was trying to throw him off the cliff.  That’s another story for another time.

On to the story: Go watch the movie “Revenge of the Fallen” – Transformers movie.  The Kingdom of Darkness – the Deceptions, were able to gain power when Optimize Prime temporarily died (until Optimus was resurrected by the Matrix of Leadership thingy plus Jetfire’s sacrifice superboost.). So their Fallen One, a traitor Prime, was able to escape his imprisonment and come to Earth. And this Fallen one character, and original Prime (like an archangel), who betrayed his people, his brothers of the Primes, hence the Fallen One, was really keen on opening up this sun sucking machine that would deplete the sun’s power to create “energon” which is food for Transformers. Of course they could have gone somewhere else but this Fallen One guy really disliked Earthlings a lot. So he wanted to get rid of all the humans… Gee doesn’t that sound familiar.

Well “Optimus Prime” is about to rise again.

And the destruction of the Fallen One is nigh.

The Fallen One could represent the Beast vessel which is the NWO group, Illuminati, the Cabal, the Satan worshipers – all you bought in to Lucifer’s promise to “hook them up when he takes over…” Too bad they never read their Bibles and finding out what happens to those who buy into Lucifer’s sales pitch. They CAN repent but they better do so quickly by making Jesus their Lord and His ways of holiness instead of Lucifer/Satan and his ways of iniquity.

The Fallen One’s pyramid about to get blown up  – (the NWO will be destroyed shortly). And the “Decepticons” are in for a major defeat. See Mark Taylor prophecy – when the first ex president of the Evil Crew of 32 passes away, the the NWO will be completely destroyed. TEKEL. The Decepticons will not be able to regroup in power again until the “Autobots” and friends (the Body of Christ) leaves this planet, is called away. Then they get their 7 year iniquity party (rampage of stealing, killing and destroying), then they all get thrown into the Lake of Fire to be brutally tortured for ETERNITY. (with the exception of a little run Lucifer gets to go out and deceive the nations during the millennial reign.)

Go watch the movie. Stop listening to Satan. Go listen to Q to find out what’s going on. Go read Mark Taylor prophecies to see what will happen.

Host Training – Work with the REAL Transformers – the Angelic Army Angels.  Really.  It works!

Remember how just one of them destroyed 185,000 men, although they will not fight men but demons, principalities, workers of the Kingdome of Darkness

But you need to learn how to take hold over all the power of the enemy and strip it first. “I take power over all the power of the enemy”.  Command the Host: pull down the strong holds, tear down the plat forms, send confusion fear and confusion on those following the Enemy.  Then you send the Host to seek and destroy the KoD workers.



Host Instruction Example



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