What’s to Happen: Time Lines. Wealth Transfer. Bo Polany & David Nino Rodriguez

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What’s to Happen: Time Lines. Wealth Transfer. Bo Polany & David Nino Rodriguez and Other Related Concepts for Better Understanding

  • Get the Biblical time lines
  • Get the logic of the time line cycles. 
  • It’s God the Father’s time, or “Source” as the New Agers call Him. 
  • It indeed will be like a Red Sea moment.  Many are seeing on an individual level things being supernaturally shut down so it feels like we are being pushed to the edge of a cliff.   But God says, Let My People GO!  And at the right moment, we will be delivered and escape with the wealth of Egypt/Babylon.   The world will know that God showed up and God is in control of ALL THINGS.
  • It’s Revelation Time – the Apocalypse – the Great Revealing where all things come to light and all things are exposed.   For those who know God, it’s a great time.  For those who don’t know God, who hate God, who disobey God, who have made themselves out to be enemies of God, YAHWAH, it’s going to be a very bad time and even a time of extermination of many. 
  • Some cosmic historian types have said that those who created, distributed, promoted or willingly took the Mark of the Beast will be sent to a dark time line, will become members of the Borg, even for 1000 years, to learn some hard lessons.   The Lake of Fire = the 2nd Death is considered a recycling back into another 50,000 or so years into 3D reincarnation cycles over and over where Hell, Death and the Grave are thrown into.  Salvation is considered to be an escape from this reincarnation recycling of brutal 3D living. 
  • Why date predictors have been wrong:  God says He’s going to make man’s wisdom look foolish so anyone predicting dates is likely DELAYING the process.  So you date predictors, keep your mouth shut or the ruin that comes upon people due to perpetual delays is on you.  God says He comes “like a thief in the night”, Jesus says that, so keep your mouth shut and focus on the fundamentals, helping people be ready. 
  • That said, there are mathematics to cycles and time lines. See what Bo has found out in the video below.
  • Others have said that January starts the financial relief. Those who listen to “Galactics” have said this.  Watch the development of the financial network.  Q has outlined the time lines what needs to happen.  With Elon stepping off, Brazil (although a bit early) triggering the what is supposed to be a global coordinated military strike to cleanse out the Tares, the seed of Satan and those cooperating with them – and operation which I call “Operation 99”  which is the flip of operation 66 that Emperor Palpatine in I think it was, Star Wars Clone Wars (see cartoon series) triggered to have the allied Bobafet clones, turn on the Jedi, wiping most of the Jedi out because the clones had a bio/tech chip implanted in their brain.  In this case, the good guys implanted through the world turn on the wicked to capture and exterminate most, if not all – All with God’s help of course through the Angels, War Angels (Host) and various, good, light side,  higher dimensional beings, “aliens”, 
  • God is the MASTER movie maker.  He’s also putting us through some very hard and valuable lessons so we learn, gain understanding what evil is so that we can avoid getting sucked into it later.   You’re not going to know about evil health care unless you’ve experienced it sending you into a health crisis or multiple health crises.  You’re not going to learn about the depths of bad investing unless you make a lot of bad investments.  Those who do a lot learn a lot, well, they can learn if they have a Proverbs type of mind.   
  • Speaking of learning understand this:  Adam and Eve where white with rosy cheeks, able to blush in the face.  Tribes of Israel (Jacob not fake Esau modern day Israel).  Not all of Israel are even Israel which means, not all of Jacob Israel are Eloheem sons of God who where born from above, whom God pulled out of Himself in contrast to creation and not all in the physical Israel, or many at all are of Jacob Israel although they outwardly claim to be (yet admit they are not from various documents and some of their preachers). 
    • The “Gentiles” or the “Goyim” simply means “Nations”, not pagan, not cattle, not children of the devil.  The Tares as opposed to the wheat are now being more clearly seen. Jesus tells you who the children of the devil are.  The Tares are here to teach the children of God important lessons for ruling and reining in the days ahead and in the Kingdom of God onwards through the ages.   Germany and Russia had to learn some hard lessons.  Russia is stepping up now because they got a hard lesson costing them what, 100 to 600 million of their people for allowing tares to infiltrate. How many Germans were slaughtered were conned by the Tares into socialism (Socialism and Communism is of the Tares, the biological children of the serpent). 
    • The Tares got Jacob Israel to slaughter each other.  That’s what one gets for listening too, for being tolerant of devils, the wicked. 
    • See Psalm 82 in the Interlinear Bible and understand that the Eloheem are the Sons of God whom God took out of Himself, as opposed to creation. The Eloheem are sent here through the Adamic line to toughen up and learn some hard lessons needed to rule and reign into the future. 
    • God want’s productive people, those who produce fruit, a return, who build the Kingdom according to His Laws.  He doesn’t want lazy people who are a drag, who do nothing, who learn nothing, who disobey Jesus’ commands (the entire New Testament).  This is made clear from several parables.  If you’re useless you get tossed out into the Outer Darkness, which many say is the reincarnation cycle of 3D.  And yes, reincarnation is Biblical: hence Elijah > John the Baptist. 
    • The USA was about to be destroyed but God stepped in, maybe in part because the USA was so active in building the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Jesus on the Earth; you could say that the UK and Australia are being spared, although Canada is getting a bit of a harder wakeup call. 
    • 3D Earth is the School House for the Eloheem, the Sons of God through the Ascending and Descending  All of these cycles are part of the lesson plans. So learn your lessons well Eloheem and do not be lazy!  Be aggressive!  
  • Jesus’s sheep hear His voice.  Jesus came for the lost sheep of the Tribe of Israel Jacob which is white western (which includes the Slavic nations but also Spain and Portugal although they mixed prolifically with the Indigenous peoples of South America) – you can tell where Israel Jacob is largely by:  1. Which nations are Christian Nations (even though some may have slipped for a time being)  2. Which nations are the most prosperous righteously (not by theft).  3. The USA is a New JerUSAlem where it seems that majority of the Eloheem have been sent (did you know that the Great Lakes along where Chicago sites is a geographical mirror of historical Israel?)
  • America’s good people and Christians have been “eating their own vomit” “eating their own dung” by letting the Tares rise and rule this nation.  UK too. Well, Australia too. You have to learn the lessons, the hard lessons of what it’s like and what happens when you are: 1. tolerate of evil 2. a wuss bag to evil.  3. lazy and just want to live a nice life and focus on  yourself without looking to help others and grow the Kingdom of God 4. tolerant of laziness of not actively and aggressively pursuing your relationship with God.   And I guess we can name a bunch of other actual Israeli nations.  Can’t say “drinking their own urine” anymore since that’s a powerful curative and anti-aging therapy now:) (see the “Peepee” posts on Urotherapy- thanks to Dr. Group)
  • Adamic people are the youngest group of people on Earth.  Asians, Africans, Indians and what most call the “Indigenous” peoples were here much earlier than the Adamics and are called creation. 
  • Whites and Arabs are Semites – so if you’re against whites or Arabs you are anti-Semitic.  The other guys are considered to be Asian so if you are talking mean about them you are anti Asian. 


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