What’s Going On – ETB Situation Update Dec 7 2021

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Get Kat Kerr’s CD “God’s MO” to see how God operates in times like this. Kat says God likes to use sting operations which is what He did in the Lucifarian rebellion in Heaven.

God let the enemy (Lucifer and those who decided to become treasonous to God who went along with Lucifier)  keep on going and going and going until the enemy thought they had won…

Then WHAM!

God flipped the switch turning the military of heaven on, Michael the Arc Angel and the Host of Heaven,  and WHAM the bad guys were arrested and then God started kicking each of them out one by one with a lightning bolt of love energy from His hand…

We see this very same picture happening right now exactly.

The enemy thinks he has won. They rigged the election and then forcibly voted on their fraudulent electors – while officially and fully completing the crime.  The military will soon be turned ON and the bad guys will be eliminated. This is not only a USA operation but a global operation.

Additionally, one of the main concepts of the time is exposure, to expose everything. The exposure is not just for the United States but also the church, corrupted religious and denominational churches and all religious establishment. The Earth will know that God is God and He is very real!

New Life Performance Tip

At this point in time here is a strategic tip on learning how to handle yourself better and perform better in general.

If you are following news then you’ll notice your emotions going up and down and all around. When you are emotional like this you are easy to manipulate.

When the kingdom of darkness workers in the spirit realm notice that you are outputting negative emotions, they race to you firstly to eat your negative emotions (yes that is their food source) and look to stir you up to  trigger you to create more and more negative emotions which technically feeds them. And if a condition to acts on those emotions then you provide the demonic a large quantity of negative emotion food energy.

So this point time observe yourself. Observe what comes out of or into  your heart. Observe what is in your cerebral mind. And then contrast that from your gut, your sense of knowing, your spirit or your new Spirit man for those of you are born from above by believing on Jesus for real. 

Use this time as “lab time” to study, test and get to know yourself better, how you work.

And what I want you to do is start to learn how to shut off the heart, as strange as that may sound. At least shut off the hard when interacting with others particularly if they are not on the side of the Kingdom of Heaven.  The wicked, those controlled by demons ( and you will see this better and better as you get to know the Commands of Jesus vs. the 666 Sins of the Bible (see our side bar for free downloads).  You will start to see how the demonic aims directly to trigger you into breaking a Command of Jesus, a verse of the New Testament stated in a command style or an implied command style.

If your heart is troubled with any emotion from the negative spectrum then you can be easily tripwired into saying things that are considered sins in the Bible. Not only is that recorded as a sin for you but you feed the demonic, you’ll open doors to the demonic and you allow them to masterfully manipulate you calling all sorts of havoc and a bad testimony.

So use this highly intense time as a window of opportunity to practice a greater mastery of the control of your heart emotions while looking to become better at walking in the Spirit, accessing the source, the flow of correctness from your gut, from within you.  See if you can simply turn off the heart, or stop listening to the heart and it’s various emotional thoughts at will.  Being able to do so will make you more powerful. You want to be following in Spirit.  You want to be listening to your guy, that source of right answers and  knowingness within.

Additionally observe the external thoughts that come into your head cerebrally that get whispered in your ear etc. What are these thoughts? Start recording them as an right and down. Start to get organized in terms of what thoughts are coming in from outside of your head and see if they are good thoughts for bad thoughts. Are they positive thoughts or negative thoughts?

Gain more clarity at this point in time and you will be able to become better and better and more powerful as a person for the Kingdom of Heaven.

And KNOW that God will win.  In fact, He as already won this battle in the Spirit realm.  These are NOT the end times.  This is not rapture time.  We are now in the Kingdom Age, the last age before the 7 year tribulation which kicks off right after the body of Christ on Earth is actually raptured away in celebration of having CONQUERED the Earth for Christ while becoming purified and spotless in the process. 

So what do you do now?  Action Plan

  1. Decree what should be!  “I declare in Jesus Name …. (this or that thing)”
  2. Bind bad things.
  3. Release the anointing into everything: videos, emails, texts, furniture, public places, through your car – start filling the planet with the anointing.  The anointing stays there permanently.  The anointing burns and melts the demonic (as you may have seen in art from over time the melted faces of demons that Jesus did when He descended into Hell to spoil the kingdom of darkness workers).
  4. Loose good things.  Release good things.
  5. Declare things how they should be in the name of Jesus.  But listen to Holy Spirit on what is good to decree and declare.
  6. Understand that God is listening to what you decree and declare, allow and dis-allow on Earth in this realm.  These are the Keys to the Kingdom.    See this Kat Kerr video for more details that God recently told her.
  7. Command the Host to tear stuff up!  The Host gets bored quickly!  They move fast too.  

    Sending the Host – Bushwhacking the enemy’s plans of violence 

    It’s Time for You to Meet the Host of Heaven and Work With Heaven’s Army

Here are some videos below . Give a positive perspective that make a lot of sense:



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