Whaaaaa?? Wild. 3D 4D 5D has Started to emerge? Multiverse-yes. Quantum Manifestation Explain Plus More – Gene Decode – Michael Jaco. Heavy Duty Modern Science. What’s Going on Now

Whaaaaa?? Wild. 3D 4D 5D has Started to emerge? Multiverse-yes. Quantum Manifestation Explain Plus More – Gene Decode & Michael Jaco. Heavy Duty Modern Science. What’s Going on Now

You may want to listen to this one a FEW times.  Is it true?  Don’t know! We’ll have to listen to these reports just as information to be processed, to look out for.   There will be a TON of new info coming out into the future way beyond most have been trained to know. 


  • Is that image with 2 suns simply a reflection off the water?  Off of the clouds?
  • Gene merges aliens with things of Heaven after saying that he died and met God and talked to God for a while.  But we have every prophet, accurate prophet like Kat Kerr, Kevin Zadai saying that these aliens are all demons, workers of the kingdom of darkness, probably to come up with some new delusion, mixing truth with a lie, saying that Jesus is just one of many prophets and that you’ll be reincarnated so you don’t have to worry if you mess up; saying probably that you don’t have to repent and you don’t have to obey Jesus as Lord – that’s my guess from the various things I’ve heard so far.  Yes many of these alien follower new agers will probably say positive things about Jesus but they probably will deny Jesus as Lord and the One and Only way back to God the Father (who the new agers now call “Source”)
  • Lots of cool sounding tech talk, talk about “alien tech” but doesn’t everything good there is come from Heaven?
  • Good aliens vs. bad aliens – is this like good cop bad cop?  Is this like “Republicans” and “Democrats” designed to corner you into the ‘New World Order’?

This is a good point. There are so many prophets that say different things. There are so many heaven and hell visitation videos that say different things.  Most people gotten into the habit of just simply blindly believing and accepting whatever they see or hear. That’s dumb. I used to be considered stupidity back in the old days.

But we have to take in information and process it. We can take information as information. We don’t have to believe it’s correct. We can take and information as data points to be compared and contrasted to other data points to the future.  

Another thing is that we’ve been trained by most pastors to just claim things as true that we have no idea we’re talking about and that we know that we know that we don’t know what we are talking about. It’s been very rare that I heard a pastor over the years who was actually genuine and honest, not making stuff up claiming that “this is what it means” “this is what happened” when they have no idea! 

As you get to know the Bible more and more, and then you go to one of these pastors who just keep on talking and talking, talking up a bunch of nonsense, making stuff up, while making wild claims, saying incorrect things all over the place it can become quite damaging to your soul. And all of their garbage speak now takes effort to get a cleansed out of the soul so it doesn’t stick there. Because if you leave it in your soul then that yeast will start to sprout, proliferate and cause you to have that beliefs later on which could be detrimental to your future.

The whole culture has gotten into this idea that we can just say this is that and that is this when we don’t really know what this or that is. You can see that displayed throughout the Internet as people became more confident in shooting their mouths off because they were hiding behind the computer. This is all weak and pathetic behavior.  it’s not honest.   A belief is not a fact it’s just a belief. When a belief becomes a fact it’s no longer a belief.  But you can’t claim a belief as a fact. That is a mistake a lot of people make in general and in judging others.


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