Was Trump’s Call into Maria Bartiromo a Deep Fake?

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Maybe that Wasn’t Donald Trump Calling into Maria Bartiromo…  Listen to it … The Tone Starts Turning Dark, Sinister, Negative – that Didn’t Sound Like Trump.

In the past, the association was that the military was the vaccine to cure the true disease, the bad guys and all of their institutions, leaders and so on…. And then expose all the truth which will then get humanity to rise and destroy the rest after they realize they have been lied to.

At this point it seems more likely that worrying about riots in the street for telling the truth is not an accurate concern. You want humanity on your side, good guys. Only way you get that is to tell them the truth. Otherwise, a delay, if what is being said about the vaccines killing off people and then having the big kill rate between 3 to 18 months is true, then what are we looking at here, hundreds of millions of people, millions of people dying especially after the vaccinated start shedding their viruses spreading others as is now reported what they will do, or that’s what they are intended to do.  If that’s the case, do you want that?  

Back to the topic:  if all the negative things that virus specialists and doctors across the planet are saying is true, and that there is a initial average ~10% kill rate from these “COVID-19” vaccines  with 50% kill rate become 3 to 5 months and then probably worse from there as they spread the virus to non-vaccinated people, why would Donald Trump tell everyone the vaccine is safe and to imply that his supporters are bad people for not taking it?  That can’t be Donald.  Because if it was and he actually meant the actual vaccine that you stuck in your arm… Well… I’ll let you come to the conclusion about that.  We don’t really know until this plays out but we don’t have time to wait. Humanity must rise, choose God and His ways, and cleanse the planet of darkness. Have no more toleration for darkness in your life or in society anymore.  Expose it. And make plans to cleanse it from the planet.  

According to many prophets, the good guys are already way behind since they wanted to do things their way instead of God’s.  William Mount for example, was warning for years that Donald and team were not listening to God, wanting to do things their way.  And by doing so, they would cause unnecessary death and disaster.   I don’t know personally, it’s just what he said over and over after hearing from God.  Major prophet Robin Bullock was told by the Lord Jesus that the good guys were playing a dangerous game and to not play this game or something like that – see this video

  1. We’re coming to a conclusion in time that there is NO vaccine that is good.  It’s all fake, faked and fake news. It’s fake science.  Why? there’s no proof. You can’t prove a vaccine works.  You can stop poisoning people that cause the symptoms and give people all their essential nutrients – that works.  Vaccienes are the disease causesers since we foolishly let Satanic snake medicine inject us with their venom.  They even have snakes on their symbols.  Their symbol comes from the stomach symbol of a chief demon of the kingdom of darkness, one of the most famous ones, that goat guy, the Baphomet, “Dr. Ba’al”  In fact vaccines are linked to actually being the action that puts poisons and pathogens into people which causes all sorts of sickness and problems.  Yet if you deprive a person of even just one essential nutrient, they will develop hideous diseases as well. .  Dr. Robert Young explains this well and you can find him on Bitchute.com 
  2. Vaccines has caused countless death and disease, destruction that you probably already heard about or that you will hear about unless what they are reporting about the COVID-19 vaccine is true which means that it will be too late barring some miracle and you’ll be on your way.
  3. Almost taking the vaccine you better get to know Jesus, immediately. See our links on our website on how to get into heaven.
  4. Hope the Real Donald Trump comes out and negates those pro vaccines statements or he may have a lot less followers either from death or from a feeling that he joined the bad guys and betrayed humanity.  See the Alex Jones video below. 

Here are Some Dr. Robert Young Videos Below:  Take Notes: Learn 

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