Warning 2 – Patriots Getting Snatched Killed and Cloned at Patriot Meetings with Vrill Thingy

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Warning 2 – Patriots Getting Snatched Killed and Cloned at Patriot Meetings with Vrill Thingy

There was a warning on bluewater bitchute a channel that gets a lot of interesting intel that a popular tough guy patriot who is holding patriot meetings across the country is “not who he seems” according to Trump team intel.  Now Gene Decode goes on to say that he was shown that many patriots from patriot meetings are getting snatched and replaced with clones.  They obtain just a tiny bit of DNA from the patriot, make the clone which they can now do super fast, then replace the patriot with a clone that they bad guys control or that is even possessed by the Vrill creature thing.

So this is a second warning.  That popular patriot that is having patriot meetings across the country during a time of full blast biowarfare, where vaxxinated people can shed and make others sick or worse,  where they can let off canisters in the patriot meeting center, put the bio warefare in AC system like you see on movies… has even mentioned how tons of people got really sick from those meetings and think heard that some died?  You can argue that you’re not “going to be bullied by the bad guys” so therefore you’re going to go to your patriot meetings (or possibly even church services), when at this point, doing so is not very strategically sound, whatsoever.  You’re batching large concentrations targets for the enemy making it really easy for them to take you out, quickly, or sneakily slowly by infecting you with some thing, with radiation?  with who knows what from space while snatching and cloning key figures. Brings to mind one popular figure who mentioned “one religion” of recent that raised a lot of eyebrows who goes to a lot of patriot events, not saying that’s the case but if people are actually getting snatched and cloned, then replaced with evil versions,  and tons of info has come out on cloning, high level super advanced cloning beyond what you’ve maybe seen in comics on TV, movies etc then… its time to get smarter.  Many have assumed protection but have been led into many traps over these past few years.  On that note, its sounds like a good time to learn how to listen to God and get our “intel” from HIM!




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