Want to Be Happy? Buy All Kat’s Stuff! – You’ll Be Really Glad You Did

Forget All of That Misery Doom & Gloom, all the Strife all the End Times Mania – Get Super Excited, Encouraged, Pumped Up and Get in the GAME!

Yes You Can Access a Bunch of Free Kat Kerr Videos from Our Site and Online But There’s A Lot More in Her CD’s and Books – Plus they Are Low Priced (~$6 for a CD).

And of course you are supported one of the most significant ministries on the planet.  Through Kat you hear directly from God the Father on a regular basis.  What? How?  Well she goes on Heaven Visits.  She’s the pink haired seer prophet ambassador of Heaven.  Yes. I’m very serious. 

If you know the Word of God pretty well (and not just some denominational doctrine that cuts out tons of Bible verses that people love to spout around like a parrot since it makes them self justified to push away God personally and not personally trust Him and obey Him moment by moment in the spirit, dying to self, following Jesus in the Spirit or obey His commands from the New Testament since that would limit their pursuit of the happiness of the flesh… )  you’ll know that Kat is SPOT on. 


  • Is a seer prophet.  She can see the spirit realm.  There are others out there who can and it sounds like there will be many more.
  • She’s been making Heaven visitations, caught up in her spirit, I think I heard daily at one point.  She’s been thousands of times.
  • Everything she says lines up Bionically to those who KNOW the Bible, the WHOLE Bible and not just little parts all twisted up and swirled around by some convenient man made doctrine.  (See our Volume Bible Reading Plans on the side menu and get crackin’ on them yourself.  It will be one of the best things you ever do because that’s what you’ll likely say after you get through the Bible 3 to 5 times a year.  KNOW the Word of God don’t just know about it.  After all what is salvation?   It’s knowing the Father and the Son!  See John 17:3  so therefore go get knowing God through His Word.
  • She’ll give you the knowledge and training on how to command the Host of Heaven army angels. You start off with 100 then that grows as you send them more.  You will be sending out massive warrior angels that literally transform like the Transformers (movie was after the host) into ships and weapons in the spirit realm dimension to attack, trash, bash and dismantle the enemy. structures.   Your job, oh remnant bro or sis is to now rule and reign through Christ in the spirit realm, dimension, and you can start practicing being a little king and lord.  But you need to learn how to do that right so learn from Kat.  Here is a starter collection of videos on that.  Get on that -the World needs you!
  • She’ll teach you about how to release the anointing which is powerful and amazing.  The anointing heals people and melts (i.e. the faces as you’ve seen in melted face art of demons and ghosts over time, also think about Raiders of the Lost Ark when the Nazi’s opened the Ark and their faces melted) of the demons, Kingdom of Darkness workers).  The anointing can be left on things, gas station pumps, door handles, beds, through your car, through your food steps etc. anywhere and it sticks there.  Also the anointing  breaks the yoke that the Kingdom of Darkness has over people.  Hear Kat for more details on that.
  • Learn about the Lightning Power of God and how maybe you could use it too!
  • Learn who becomes president after Trump’s 2nd term – for 2 terms
  • Find out what’s about to happen in Hollywood and what has already started happening.
  • Discover about the transfer of WEALTH.  All of that wealth of the wicked is going to…
  • Find out how eternity with God in Heaven is like one non stop party! Like to party?  Well discover how to party hearty for a very long time!   On top of that imagine being able to be around good people only who are nice, genuine, kind, loving and not mean! Forever!
  • Find out what you’ll get to do on the New Earth and New Heaven!
  • Did you know that there are pubs in Heaven?  I’ve got some relatives certainly happy about that!  Ever hear of getting “drunk in the Spirit”?  Find out more!
  • Find out how to live Heaven culture right here on Earth!
  • Discover soooooo much more.  Buy her stuff!  Support her ministry.  Buy her CD’s as a witnessing tool.  Wow. Yes those could  be far more effective then some old school pamphlets. Hmm just thought of that one.
  • Go for it.  Take action now.  You’ll be very glad  you did.  I bought and listened to all her CD’s (or close to if I’m missing something!).  They are SUPER encouraging.  You have to get them.  Forget the news!   Get in the Game!  Learn what you’re supposed to be doing now and into the future.  Souls are depending on you!  Click Here to Check Out and Buy Kat’s Stuff!

Now we’re not talking about making Kat your lord where you follower her.  You have One Teacher and One Lord Who is… ?  Come on now.  Who’s your One Teacher and One Lord?    Ok you’ve got it.  That’s right.  God the Son, Yeshua, Jesus.  So let’s stop making prophets and pastors our lord.  And on that note let’s stop being our own lord since becoming your own lord and god is the cornerstone of Satanism.. Did you know that? Yikes, right.

But listen to all her stuff.  You’ll be blown away.  She gets all the scoop from Heaven so if you want to know what’s REALLY going on or what’s about to happen get all her stuff. Watch her videos.  Here is another channel that seems to keep up to date with new Kat videos.

Check out the Host Undercover calendar where she points out Host Warrior Angels pressing into clouds or wrapping themselves with clouds which is really cool.

Click Here to Check Out and Buy Kat’s Stuff!

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