Wake Up Christians Jews & Conservatives – They Are Openly Calling to Murder You – Mike Adams Report

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Of Course They Are… The Good Guys Are in Process of Exposing Their Child Murder, Child Harvesting and Their Plans to Exterminate 7 Billion Plus People from the Planet…

Robert DiNero has openly called for “ethnic cleansing” of all Trump supports.     I’ve got a better idea:

  1. Expose the truth about everything.  Let the world know about Hollywood, the “Elite” in general and whatever dealings they’ve done with Satan and the kingdom of darkness workers on the planet, if indeed their money is fraudulent, stolen tax payer money of if they have raped, tortured and brutally murdered a child, their ‘rite of passage’ for becoming “elite” as the reports go. 
  2. Stop agreeing with treason by letting a foreign propaganda controlled media operate in this country.  We are in war. You don’t let the enemy run your media when you are in war, or ever for that matter.  
  3. Let the “liberals” know about the children.  Let the liberals know about Satan MD, the entire demonically corrupted allopathic MD medical industry.  There are plenty of actual doctors out there who know how to heal and cure people – start with Naturopath doctors.  Have the media simply read outloud the openly published plans of those “elite” who want “population control”, a reduction of 7 billion people on the planet while turning the rest into non human DNA hybrid, further hybridized into cyborgs, (making you also irredeemable and Lake of Fire bound in the process).  Expose the plans of the wicked they they openly publish.  Let the people know.  Let the people wake up. Let ALL of the people wake up. 
  4. Fake, kingdom of darkness media has to be replaced in it’s various collusive forms immediately –  because if the public knew the truth if  all the media was truthful, most people would have gone a long with the truth.  Most people have too much trouble in their lives.  They just want the bad stuff and troubles to go away.  Most think, “hey if its in the news and all the news stations are saying the same thing, then it must be true”.   You can not have an enemy of your country running every angle of media especially the news. The fake propaganda media is a military enemy and must be dealt with as such.   In fact, God’s millionaires and billionaires were told many years ago through Mark Taylor prophecies to take back the media, to buy them out.  Why hasn’t that been done?
  5. You can  to Mike Adams and keep up on his Situation Reports at his video channel Brighteon.   Mike covers strategic angles for health, general strategic, logical survival skills, which really, everyone should know and what’s going on militarily from his sources. 
  6. No where in history has man been given a promised land or glorious times without fighting for it.  We must do the same.   It would help to have 7 billion people on our side by taking the media back from Satan, as those 7 billion find out that they are on the brink of actual and factual extermination, most of which have not been redeemed, bought by the Blood of the Lamb, who then face eternity in the Lake of Fire.


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