Voting Machines Blatantly Rigged America Turns into Banana Republic

Voting Machines Blatantly Rigged America Turns into Banana Republic (As Putin Mentions…)

URGENT: The Beast (NWO) is Trying to Steal Elections Through “The Emperor” (Soros) Owned Voting Machines – You Must Fight the Beast.  It’s Not the Beast’s Time Yet. Don’t Accept it!  And don’t be lazy!  See Action Steps Below

The End Times Harvest Must Take Place and This is On The Body of Christ.  Wake Up!  You have Been Seduced.  You Must Work Fervently and Take Action for the Kingdom.  You are at Literal Spiritual War as Israel was in Physical War in the Old Testament.   You Have No Option.  Why?  Well Read Revelation?  Where do Cowards End Up?   (yes the lake of fire)

We, You Need to Get Heros in Our Government, Wherever They Are to Remove Soros Machines and Switch Battleground States Back to Paper Ballots as Some Counties in Texas Are Already Doing.   Do not wait until after Nov. 8 to contest because you know by now they have plans to use marital law to complete the steal.

Here are some news videos found on the topic:

You can also report any of these incidents on-line at for assistance according to the Trump campaign.

I hope you understand that America will be destroyed, is prophesied to be destroyed right when a woman takes hold as presidentWilliam Branham “7 Visions Of America” very respected prophet. Don’t you know?? I mean it’s even obvious by what Hillary says.  NWO wants to take down Russian badly and really does not care, or wouldn’t mind at all if the USA is destroyed in the process.  USA is in the way of the NWO agenda.  They want to reduce the population of the world to 500 Million max.

Do you not know that the NWO, Illuminati, Freemasons, Secret Societies are DIRECT Satan worshipers?  They literally worship and pledge allegiance to Lucifer.  It’s like they have no clue that they are signing up for a brutal eternal torture with their body parts being chopped off, run through with spears, eating alive by worms, maggots, burned in fire repeatedly over and over and over again for an eternity.  Wake up you Illuminati NWOers!   Satan wants you down there being tortured with him. He only cares to steal, kill and destroy.  He is not your friend.  Sell your wealth; give it away to the poor, repent and come follow, obey Jesus. It’s not too late if you’re still alive to repent, yes even after your ‘sacred rituals’ to Satan.  REPENT Immediately.  Cry out to God for help.  He can help you, even you get out the mess you’re in.   Those who look to save their lives will lose it.  Those who lose their live to Christ will gain eternal life in Heaven.

Matthew 16:24-26King James Version (KJV)

24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Yes Illuminati, NWOers, Freemasons, Secret Society or whatever you call yourselves – you can still be saved and still be loved by God!  Yes.  God your Maker.  He is good. You have been tricked, scammed  into thinking He is bad.  Call to Him, call upon the Name of Yeshua!  Ask Him for help!  Ask Him what to do!  He will show you!

Also see those Hell and Heaven visitation videos, the Book of Enoch as well and the Bible, Book of Mathew for example.  They’ve been so seduced.  Frankly I hope and pray many can wake up and save their souls.  Repent!  Pursue knowing God your Maker.  Stop thinking and get out of your heart emotions, because you’re getting conned through those.

This includes you “Emperor”, “Darth Vader” and “Jezebel”  (new posts coming out on Star Wars and the End Times… Pretty Interesting).

Matthew 11:12

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

As prophet Michael Thomson has explained – the violent are those who need to violently fight through the Beast Matrix that tries to bind, bond and trap you into Hell.  You need to break free of the Beast Matrix hold on you in order to get into Heaven.  (“Beast Matrix” is a concept of ours)

NWO, Illuminati, Freemasons, Secret Societies etc – this is all common knowledge.  They’ve been letting out their info for decades.  It’s all over the Internet, Youtube etc.   But they’ve been doing this stuff for centuries.  If you want a perfect example of what they are trying to do to the USA, just look at Germany with Hitler.  It’s all formulaic.   The Democrats have been taken over by the NWO in case you’ve been Democrat for some time based on various principles.

The Voter Fraud Must Be Stopped IMMEDIATELY or You Can Kiss the USA Goodbye & All You’re Going to See is Death and Starvation

“oh it seems so extreme…”  Well sorry, the age of man just ended in October.  The Beast’s time frame for it’s 7 years of Hell on Earth is valid between now and 2026.   Plus the prophecies are there.  But now we can have mercy through Trump IF WE CHOOSE TRUMP, WHO IS GOD’s ANOINTED.  Oh also did you know that Donald J Trump is now a prophet?  Pretty wild ehh!  Check this out.

We all need to take fast aggressive, cerebral action to reverse the voter machine fraud and other fraud means right now and as fast as possible.  I hope you can share this with your network and friends.  We all need to use our social media influence, our facebook accounts and pages, twitters, youtube accounts, whatever, (go make sign up for new accounts and start posting if you don’t have these ) blogs, contact lists to move fast and spread virally.   (you can go to sites like and pay someone $5 to set up an account or send out your information for you).

We Need Heros in Our Government to Step Up and Get These Voting Machines Out of There!  These Soros Voting Smartmatic Backed Voting Machines.  Go to Paper Ballots.

These voting machine it is said are not even on the official list of approved voting machines.  And besides – why wouldn’t they do this?  It’s in character of the multi faced behind the scenes manipulation for control that Hydra, I mean the NWO Illuminati whatever you want to call them do.

See the Wikileaks details for proof:

Wikileaks: Soros-Linked Voting Machines Now Used in 16 States Rigged 2004 Venezuela Elections


Main stream media is literally in on the Hillary, NWO, George Soros etc.  hijacking, stealing of the votes and blatantly so as we are getting report about across now several states.  Emergency measures must be taken.  George Soros scam voting machines which are not official government approved machines so I hear yet some how made it into 16 states.  Those are the machines that would be, and are proving to be rigged, blatantly so.

We need to make everyone aware as possible:  There are action steps below.  And then we need to brain storm further action steps stemming from these.  Every minute is huge going forward.

See this video for example first for reports of real Soros machine vote rigging and flipping (they flip Republican votes to Democrat right before submission):  there are many other videos out there on the Soros rigged machines.

Some Actions Steps we can Take Now that are Known:

1. We can demand paper ballots (as far as video above goes)

2. We can petition congress (although this goes to the white house and BO is in on the rigging

3. There must be other smart things we can do.  What type of local, county or state governments can we contact?  This should be reversed at the state level.

4. Report to:  a. police b. county officials.  c. state officials  d. country and state representatives  e.  f.   g. Contact these guys:  they have a big network

This is really really bad and we must act fast.  The rigging has been setup from the start and planned out meticulously for quite a while.

Ways Machine rigs votes

1. What’s factually happening now is that those voting republican on the machines are getting their votes flipped to democrat right before election.  It’s happening all over the place.  Texeas and several other states.

2. But even if votes get switched back on the machine before you submit, don’t think for a second the machine can’t flip the vote behind the machines

3. This has been planned for years.  So what’s obvious maybe a ploy or distraction where the fraud happens at another stage.

4. See the Wikileaks on this

5. The vote switching before submission is likely only one level of ploy.  I would think these guys are smarter than than.  There would likely be back up contingencies such as:  a. changing data in the machine before submission probably with a slight delay – come on now -they have to do their math to “make it look good” to match the fake polls they forced main stream media to present.  b. they could submit the vote but hit a compromised data fixing router on the way.  c. who knows – maybe their demon alien friends are giving them some extra tech.   So dump the tech and use paper!   If we can process a few hundred million paper tax returns we can process a few hundred million votes.

Conclusion what to do:  Advisors are saying:  1. demand a paper ballot as in we have the right by law  2. take pictures of your ballot (although i’m not sure about the laws regarding recording your vote, some say it’s different from state to state, but the fellow in the video above mention to record your vote with your cell phone and upload to youtube #uploadthevote)

Other methods of vote manipulation and fraud:

1. Dead people are voting, yes.  Millions of dead people voted in prior elections.

2. People are some how able to vote over and over and over

3. Illegal immigrants supposedly are voting some how.  Other citizens are being bused in on bribes

4. Party bias mail workers are ripping up republican absentee ballots

5. As I read in prior:  if a mail in vote counter person thinks your signature does not match, they can toss your ballot.  And that happened in mass scale in the past.

The rigging of the voting machines is factual and real.  Many dems (nwo’s) brag and hint on how they ‘will win’, how it’s “guaranteed” that Hillary “will win” although Trump will win the Popular vote.  George Soros, the primary man behind behind the ruin of the USA and who controls most usa politicians, who is plotting (successfully so far) the literal takeover of the usa, has his voting machines, that are not even officially government approved machines as heard, in 16 battleground states, such as Florida, Texas, Ohio etc.

George Soros you can think of as the Emperor or Palpatine in starwars (kind of looks like him), who is of the Illuminati, Freemasons, NWO etc who are known to be direct Satan, literal Satan worshipers through their rituals and rites of advancement (rites and rituals that are really really bad). One doesn’t have to think long who the “Emperor’s” Darth Vader is…

Anyways, it will be much more likely to overcome voter fraud if we can stop it aggressively in the act through the pursuing of legal means.  Our country is about to be completely taken over, stolen, by this NWO, Illuminati, Communists, whatever you want to call it so they can crush the population and take away Jesus.  The goal is obvious: steal, kill, destroy as many as possible so Satan can fill up ‘his kingdom’ in Hell, in the Lake of Fire, forever.  This, is not good to say the least.

We need to pray to the Lord for power in the Name of Jesus and we need to act in power.  Our battles are literally in the spiritual realm against the dark forces, principalities and rules or the air who have gotten control of many human beings.  We need to pray that people in our government step forth as well. We are in times that haven’t been seen in a while except in the movies. We must take back out country and conquer the dark realms trying to steal, literally steal our government, mass control people, destroy them and even physically destroy our country.  The USA is the last strong fortress in the way of the satanic realm.

Although we know is is to happen through Bible prophecy, Trump is to be a merciful extension for a final and global end time harvest.  We need to be engaged in the battle and never stop fighting though, doing the work of the Lord until our last breath or the calling away at the last Trump.


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