Vision of Dancing Swirling Twisting Microphone Sucked into a Black Hole Vortex of November 22 2020

Disclaimer:  I’m not a prophet, a vision guy, a miracle person, a dream expert or even a spiritual expert in regards to spiritual things. Maybe because of the mass quantities of junk food, dairy and fluoride I took in growing up.  But this inner cartoon, mini moving picture stood out quite strong and I felt it was VERY appropriate to the times…”  – Brother Meathead

I closed my eyes getting ready for bed as I was getting ready
for bed and all of a sudden I saw a picture a moving
picture. At first I saw red flames. And then I saw a
microphone in the middle, a table top microphone that
seem to look like one of those blue yeti microphones.
The microphone was dancing and twirling around and
there were red flames tall red flames around the
microphone, kinda like the microphone was in hell.

The microphone was twirling and swirling
around weaving back and forth bending and
straightening, dancing around. Then the microphone
started twisting, wringing it self as you would wring out a cloth
to get the excess water out. 

And then there were kind of ribbon like bands that
started twisting around the microphone of like substance.
The microphone started accumulating more of these bands. 

The microphone started going in a frenzy of a dance
swirling and twirling about. And then the microphone
started twisting and swirling, wrapping the various
tentacles of whatever those bands were, that started
coming out from below it and that were an array of silvery
gray color of the microphone.

And then the microphone started twisting
and twisting and turning and turning
and started
pulling more of the bands, the growth from below it, now

looking even like octopus tentacles from a base below
it until the twisting swirling started accumulating
large mass,  first into an oak tree size treetrunk then into a
redwood size treetrunk and then into a mountain,
swirling and twisting until a big black hole vortex
opened above and sucked it all in, the whole mountain
with the microphone in the middle, all the tentacles
attached in mass twisted and tied together while
red flames of fire were blazing all around the
microphone, the twisted treetrunk into the mountain shaped
twisty, twisted conglomeration of twisted mass was sucked away.

Everything got sucked up into this black hole vortex.
The black hole spun, hurricane looking,  sucked the
microphone of twisted mass and the tentacles of like twisty
substance below and eventually
closed up.
And that vision was over.

I thought it was pretty neat! It was pretty vivid too!

What do you think it means?

Hopefully it is what I think is!

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