Video Backup Software for Important Videos

Video Backup Software for Important Videos


You have permission to backup all of our videos (ones we created) and pass them around if you want,  upload them to your website. Just pass the word around.

Also as of this typing there has been a lot of Kingdom of Darkness  mischief deleting video accounts particularly on YouTube.   It may be a wise idea to create a backup copy for important videos and testimonies such as Heaven or Hell visitation testimonies or other important educational information that seems important to you.

Now in regards to the various copyright laws and so on so forth you would have to examine that in your country. We are not trying to give legal advice or tell you what to do but we grieve you permission to backup are videos on all of our channels. It seems like the problem comes in when someone  downloads someone else’s video and then uploads the video to their channel for their  benefit (i.e. for ad revenue (although we don’t care if you make money off of our videos from our video channels that we post publicly) whereas the person who originally made the videos becomes upset because they wanted to claim all the credit for it and so on.    In regards to our videos, what’s more important is that the Word of God gets out and that people would wake up and follow Jesus so they can go to Heaven,  if that’s what they want to do, and stop following Satan so they would go to Hell.

So download our videos. Post them on your website.  Upload them to the various video sites out there.   You may need to add introductions and other factors to make the video a little bit different because Youtube  for example may identify the exact same video as duplicate content and then give you problems.   You don’t need to even link back to us or anything.   Just go help people. You have our permission.   Always keep in mind that there are souls on the line and everyone in this realm is One Heartbeat Away from eternity…

  1. Here is software that has worked well for downloading our video backups from YouTube.  it’s easier to download from YouTube then to try to pass the file around amongst different computers of Our Own for example.
  2. There are various online video sites downloaders but what you going to need to do is test the download and make sure the entire video plays. I’ve run intoa video downloader that would only end up processing part of the video. You’ll have to test these yourself.. Also make sure you have a virus checker, firewall and appropriate browser plugins to prevent any sort of malware or unwanted pop-ups.
    1. You may want to do a search for terms like “best online video downloader”  and try those out
  3. Also there are various plugins for browsers that help you download videos but those have not been stable for my own experience.