Very Interesting Video About Windows 10 Portals and Being a Keylogger!?

Very Interesting Video About Windows 10 Portals and Being a Keylogger!?

Well I downloaded Windows 10 on one of my computers then I went through the settings.


  • Windows 10 does keep turning on by it’s self even after I instructed it not to do so.  What is it doing now?
  • I can’t even count how many privacy violation settings I had to turn off to “no”
  • Windows is building a giant AI called Cortana – sounds very similar to “Skynet” in Terminator movies collecting all your data to do so according to this video.
  • If Microsoft goes bad on us, which it sounds like they may be doing intentionally or not or for some larger technological breakthrough, there’s going to be big trouble.
  • So supposedly the government has been recording all of your emails and everything on your computer from your hard drive.  My concern isn’t with the government it’s the individuals who may go bad and do bad things with your personal data.
  • So if you’re working on new ideas and inventions sounds like you’re better off using an old fashioned note pad, paper and ink!
  • So why are we posting this here?  Conspiracy theories on how the Beast will be able to take over the planet and control everyone, everything and try to implant you with that mark of the beast (most think that to be a computer chip)
    • Windows 10 theme of “Portals to other dimensions” in coordination C.E.R.N.’s opening of intra-dimensional portals through which many think Apollyon the destroyer will come through from the bottomless pit in coordination with Revelation 9:1-2,11

How does this help you?  Be aware of what’s going on in technology these days.  Every move of yours is tracked and recorded through your cell phone. Why?  Sure to assist in advertising targeting.  Ok cool.  But in the wrong hands this data can cause all sorts of problems.

But most of all use the emotions this and other conspiracy as inspiration to turn to the Lord, confess out your sins, dump your sin habits including any thing questionable or in a gray area (if you’re not sure then you can bet it’s probably a sin), become reborn from above and walk closely with your God, pursuing God closely abiding in Christ..




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