Very Interesting NWO Tribulation Technical Details Video

Very Interesting NWO Tribulation Technical Details Video by Alex Jones?

Yes he’s now starting to tie in all the historical studies he’s done, plus all the white papers of the “elites” that Satan has hooked by the nose and it sounds like he’s been listening to some prophecy too!  Its a very interesting video.

Yes It’s worth watching in that so you can see it all perish before your eyes in a most magnificent way as God Judges and the remnant start to take over the planet and cover it with goodness and the love of God.

At the passing of the first ex of the Evil Crew of 32 the New World Order will Die

But the children of the fallen will keep pressing to create AI, machines and robots so that the Kingdom of Darkness demonic can posses them.  And yes spirits CAN travel through and posses machines according to Heaven visitation and encounter folks.   A “Skynet” concept from terminator is here.  AI’s that can read your thoughts are here. Machines that can read your very thoughts are here.  5G Internet everywhere is part of this skynet plan is supposed to be intended to be a kill grid to off anyone that thinks thoughts they don’t like (reminds me of a Captain America movie – forgot which one…).

So what do you do?  Send the Host of Heaven to destroy all the Kingdom of Darkness workers and their works.   Get on it.  See the details here.  Get started.  Become a super hero with your own army of giant transformers.  Not kidding.  See more here.

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