Venom Vector Fix – NAC + Bromelain + Licorice – “Covid 19 Vaccination” Has 6 Core Angles of Attack – Don’t Die – Cleanse & Nullify

cure for the vax

Venom Vector Fix – NAC + Bromelain + Licorice – Don’t Die – Cleanse & Nullify.    The Depop Shot Mark of the Beast “Covid 19 Vaccination” Has 6 Core Angles of Attack:

  1. Animus Evil AI Cyborg Maker Attack – destroyer of Galaxies, The Beast, The Anti-Christ, The Borg, the Cyborg Maker that Is Trying to Hijack Humanity Pre-Ascension to Ascend & Be Able to Reach God.  Suppodedly Lucifer created this Evil AI billions of years ago.  Find cosmic historian Ismael Perez, his videos, his book Our Cosmic Origin and his Instagram channel projectrestorationzion1 for all sorts of fascinating info about that. 
  2. Snake Venom – Snake Venom Peptides Attack – Causes Clots:  Licorice Root was found to help block and prevent clots caused by snake venom peptides.  Nicotine from organic tobacco or straight nicotine also blocked snake venom peptides.  Also COMBINATION OF “NAC” N-Acetyl Cysteine and BROMELAIN the enzyme found in pineapples was found to be effective and prevent spike protein replication.  See the Dr. Ardis and Mike Adams video below. 
  3. mRNA That Was Enabled by “Hydrogel” Attack Borrowed from the decades old Super Soldier program.  See James rink for all sorts of fascinating info.  Remember. This is the Apocalypse where everything gets exposed: we have to observe information as information, not believe everything you hear or follow every person  you hear.  You’re supposed to be following Jesus only, from His commands of the New Testament and in Spirit in real time (which is one of the commands).    mRNA was considered to be weak technology, until they figured to put it in hydrogel.  This mRNA technology, according to understanding, was what changes the DNA of those who got the jab to become continual self replicating (Borg assembly) “spike protein producers” that just doesn’t seem to stop.  Wherever you go, even the out doors is filled with the toxic stench of the vaccinated shedding, off gassing these bioweapon spike proteins.  These spike proteins have made many of unvaxx’d sick, gave them blood clots or even killed many according to reports and doctors working with various unvaxx’d patients.  ALL THE VAX’D NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM SOCIETY FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY OR A CURE NEEDS TO BE RELEASED LIKE A DNA RESETTING TYPE OF CURE.  One idea is to put the vaxx’d near the equator, some place with a lot of sun and tropical fruit so the jacked up D3 levels and the alkaline cleansing diet of eating only fruit could help them survive and maybe help them repair their DNA.  The other humanity saving cure is the Malachi 4 Great Solar Flash, which is said to be building up into spring of this year. 
  4. Wifi, Cell Phones, 5g, modern TV’s, Blue Tooth, Wireless devices with wifi modems Attack in them:  Wifi and these other frequencies rapidly builds up the Borg (see Star Trek) assembly, cyborg making robotic structure within. That structure will eventual replace one’s nervous system if they don’t continually beat it back down.  The good news is that if you get away from these bad frequencies, the structure starts to break down or stop growing.  This self replicating cyborg making nano robot is prevented from replicating through a COMBINATION OF “NAC” N-Acetyl Cysteine and BROMELAIN the enzyme found in pineapples.  NAC boosts your glutathione.  Look up selenium. And look up other substances that boost GLUTATHIONE which seeks and destroys the nano buildup.  See the videos below.  Listen a few times and TAKE NOTES!  And EDTA is the ULTIMATE DEVISATOR to ANIMUS EVIL AI BUILDUP IN THE BODY.   
  5. Parasites Angle of Attack:  the vax was loaded with parasites especially the “immortal” hydra parasite. All parasites must be targeted and cleansed through herbs, diet change to completely clean with real organics, whole foods, eating anti parasite food.  Quantity and frequency of the anti thing is important for success.  Probiotics are also huge for killing parasites.  There are famous name drugs such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine although we look for natural alternatives to drugs.  Ivermectin is derived from a soil bacteria, a “probiotic” although not sure about taking soil probiotics (you have to do your own research on everything and none of this info is a recommendation it’s information so you can do your own research and work with your own non Satanic health care professional who knows how to heal people. 
  6. Heavy Metals Poisoning Enabling Dramatic Spread of Parasites Attack:  EDTA IV will fix that according to chelation expert who stumbled upon the 2 EDTA wipe out of the evil AI and heavy metals from within.  See this post for the video.

See these videos from these experts in the field.  Do your own research.  Understand how the body works.  Also if you are doing cleanses the die off causes extra clogs and is an acidic event interstitially and through the lymph system:  so as many successful health care professionals have mentioned: an increase in minerals, particularly electrolytes (sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate, phosphate – in balanced ratios and preferably through whole organic foods, glycinated chelated minerals considered 2nd best), with robust hydration with clean water plus anti-inflammatory foods and substances such as omega 3 fats, turmeric, ginger etc and an alkaline forming diet helps knock out that acid event and those interstitial clogs (not talking about the blood system here) which would cause flu like symptoms.   Consider finding a Naturopath doctor and get their perspective.  






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