URGENT Update and Possible Misinterpretation of Manuel Johnson’s Crypto Prophecy

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Here is what we published before below.

But here is the important note since we’ve seen much more intel from there which is logical and which could be a clarification on  Manuel’s prophecy actually it wasn’t a prophecy, it was a trip to the future. And here is the issue: on one of those videos he said that there will be a correction in crypto then it will go up, “way up”.  But the thing is that he interpreted the “correction”  to what happened in June and July 2021.  BUT…. That may not be the case !  There was a mention about God making crypto more affordable.  This also reveals why we can get into error by trying to distill God’s Word into one facet of a multi faceted meaning, or to look at one layer of meaning when there are many more layers of meaning there.  The Bible is like this.  And many denominations and pastors have gotten into error over time in trying to “make God’s Word easy for the masses, the ‘lay’ people” (lay, to their doctrinal mumbo jumbo they made up, usually to control people and make money and or in coordination with the kingdom of darkness to prevent people from being saved and to deny Jesus as Lord by not teaching the commands of Jesus and that you have to obey Jesus to make Him your Lord, and making Jesus your Lord is what gets you saved, believing just gets you started by being born again, as John’s and Paul’s writings make quite clear if you actually read them, all of them all the way through.)


There is a big reset that absolutely needs to happen as of October 1 since the government runs out of money in the USA at that point.  Many different sources are saying that crypto will go down by 95%.  Some say it will be a flash crash so you’ll need to watch all day every day and or you’ll have to have limit orders in order to get a low price.    If you want Ripple which is the XRP coin according to the “way up” into the rest of the year or into I think it was the first quarter of 2022 where Manuel was taken into the future (review his videos), then you’d want to be buying on this flash crash or even now.  Shoot, it’s at .90 to .95 right as of this typing which is better than my average entry price since I was going by Manuel’s interpretation that the correction already happened and is why I said what I said in the 2 prior crypto related posts.  But the concept here is that many sources are saying that a HUGE correction up to 95% MUST happen as everything is reset for NESARA, gold standards, etc.  But they all say after the correcting everything will return back and go up from there.  And Manuel was shown that :  as Manuel says, cryptos are going to go WWAAAAAY up.  Gold is going to go Waaayy Way Up and Silver is going to go WAAAY Up. Bitcoin too over 100,000.

So the point is:  that’s good news if you have money to invest and want to invest you may have a literal opportunity of a life time (as over used and abused as that expression goes).  Remember all investment requires risk but in my opinion.  Personally, I’m going to trust God through His prophet Manuel Johnson.   Uphold.com allows you to invest in XRP and they have been really great with their support especially with me being really annoying :).  Other crypto brokers from my last check, even the ones Manuel recommended like Coinbase and Gemini did not allow investment into XRP since they are worried about SEC trial which in my opinion is a white hat operation, the SEC action, in order to time the release of XRP. Many sources have said that firstly, XRP / Ripple is the only crypto with real world infrastructure, XRP is the white hat coin and XRP will replace Bitcoin with speculation that it will take on Bitcoin pricing.  And if that’s the case: well the multi millionaires that Manuel heard about in his trip to the future of those who invested in crypto could be those who invested in XRP when it’s low, while XRP possibly skyrockets to Bitcoin pricing.  Manuel did not say that XRP would replace bitcoin but he did say that there would be a massive, dramatic shift in the global economy that would send cryptos, Gold and silver and a couple other things, WAAYYY UP!  Here is what was posted in prior:

Ripple / XRP is said to be the digital coin of the new QFS System and is Right ABOUT TO TAKE OFF RIGHT NOW –  Concepts of XRP going from $1.20 to $100 > $1000 > $10,000 > $100,000

Not investment advice.  Do your own research.  There is risk in investing and trading   Don’t trade or invest with money that you can’t afford to lose.


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