URGENT! Sounds Like the Storm Starts This Week May 10-12 Start – Told to Get Food, Gas..

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Sounds Like the Storm Starts This Week May 10-12 Start – Told to Get Food, Gas…. Store up water.   

We’ve heard this multiple times before but we’re at such a breaking point that unless the patriot military takes action you could be looking a couple billion people or more DYING starting with the Vaccine mass murder plan.  Better get those medbeds or whatever other cures out there quickly.  Probably be frequency and or magnetic field related to reset the DNA and nullify the corruption from the Vaccines.   As vax experts said, 3 to 5 months after the vaccines, people would fall apart and mass death would start.  We already are seeing large VAERS reporting which historically only reports !% of vaccine adverse events and maybe less in this case since doctors and nurses are more threatened than ever. 

As you know, date setting has not worked well in the past but because of the pinch point we are in, there is a probability to this.

  • 3 months martial law
  • electricity problems
  • internet problems or totally off
  • social media gone
  • Food shortages (have food backups.)
  • Water shortages (have water backups)
  • bank problems (have cash backups)
  • Self defense incase of looters. 
  • curfews
  • And at the end of the 3 months – Trump is president.  Hopefully NESARA is released.  Probably will coordinate with Fall Biblical Feast Days.


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