UNVAXED IN DANGER FROM MRNA SHEDDING & Nitric Oxide Helps Repair Spike Protein Damage

UNVAXED IN DANGER FROM MRNA SHEDDING TOO LATE CDC ADMITS CLOT SHOT CAUSES MYOCARDITIS & HEART ISSUES – Stew Peters – and Shows Clinical Studies Show How NO, Nitric Oxide, (ie Preworkout supplements) and the One They Are Talking About Below

Here is the supplement, preworkout style, super healthy looking drink (see the image of nutrients below, very good blend.  Not a recommendation.  Check with you own non satanic health care professional before taking any supplements.) If you’re vaxx’d you’ve got a mess going on in your body although they are saying this drink is supposed to help a lot according to clinical studies.

The thing is, most people who took the vax tend to be ignorant, lazy slobs, arrogant too, who are too lazy to learn much about anything. This means that they tend not to think much at all about repenting in their health. They scoff at the concept of eating organic. And if they give any effort they claim “non-gmo” labeled food is a good thing (loaded with all sorts of toxic, corruptive chemicals, additives while poorly grown and far less nutrients on average vs. organic, as considered)…

So they keep taking vaccines (and ALL vaccines are scams, every single one of them), drugs, listening to and trusting their satanic allopathic pharmakeia MD Doctors, while stuffing their face with fast food, mixed with human remains, heavily corrupted processed foods, while loading their homes with toxic cleaners, while polluting the planet with their toxic “fabric softeners”.  And the thing is, people usually don’t wake up out of this disaster until they have their own personal health crises.  And if someone else has a health crises or dies, their wicked MD doctor fabricates reasons why while mocking any attempt at finding root causes.  So unless the shock awareness of a health crises concept is imposed upon them (like that EBS 10 days of darkness concept, maybe), they won’t change. 


Found the supplement website they were talking about (not a recommendation but for educational purposes – don’t take without proper professional supervision) due to personal interest, and can verify from experience, this is a good looking formula! 

https://cardiomiracle.com (no we don’t get any compensation but just posting info from what they are talking about in video for potential helpful educational purposes).  It’s a little pricey.  Maybe you can find lower cost versions similar formulas  on sites like amazon.  Or as another idea, what a lot of people do is that they go into their local GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and talk to the people there, who are usually well educated in supplements, although some may have more expertise than others.  They key finding in their clinical study here is NITRIC OXIDE which is generated by multiple supplements, usually amino acid based like the most popular Argenine, but that you can also get from eating veggies like Kale.  May want to look up “foods high in nitric oxide”

Here’s an article:

The 10 Best Foods to Boost Nitric Oxide Levels

Beets. Garlic, Leafy greens. Citrus fruit (probably especially with peel? Feels like it (orange or tangerine peel usually only eaten or lemon peel shavings).  Cacao nibs.  Pomegranate.  Nuts and seeds.  Watermelon. 
Here is another with additional explanation:

List of Foods High in Nitric Oxide


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