Uh Oh – Is Starbucks Satanic? Check Out This Report!


Shelia Zilinky does an expose on Starbucks and their Satanic connections.  And who knows how far that rabbit hole actually goes…

See what she found.  What’s that mermaid thing with the crown on her head for their logo really up to?

What’s actually in their coffee?

How come their coffee drops my immune system like a rock after I drink it? (although the organic coffee is better).

For a company that talks a lot about their “righteousness”, their “fair trade” and the like you would think that they would only offer organic coffee and tea. But the only bean that they’ve had as organic, they never brew and pretty much hide (Yukon).   

Also if you know much about the immune system, these coffees and heavy sugar and dairy coffee drinks have significantly contributed to the demise of health and waist lines across the USA, in my observation.   Is that part of the dark side’s plan?  Notice the rise of stimulant drinks over the past two decades in correlation to the rise of sin and evil over the past 2 decades – could their be a correlation?  Well hear what Shelia has discovered and form your own conclusions.


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