Uh Oh – All Who Get the Vaccine Will Become Super Spreaders of Viruses. Vaccine Getters Estimated Death 2wks to 1 yr….

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According to Lee Dawson and Mike Adams research – both in health business, they have encountered research from various professionals mentioning now that the vaccines caused your DNA to produce viruses which will then shed and infect other people, according to the virus infection model.

So the enemy of the planet and the “terrorists” of the planet now becomes all those who get vaccinated. You can’t even be around them anymore according to this research. 

So this has been let’s to go on even though it could’ve been stopped quite simply in order to ‘teach humanity a lesson so they never make this mistake again of allowing Satanists to operate or do anything or even exist’ or ‘to teach humanity to obey the Bible, the New Testament’.  But if this God’s plan? it doesn’t seem to be core meaning with what the prophets have been saying over the past many years. Even Jesus the Lord God has told prophet Robin Bullock that what the “white hats” were doing is dangerous.   

Another prophet , Amanda Grace, or I believe as told by Jeff Jensen another prophet, that Amanda Grace said was that Donald Trump was wanting to do things his own way and not God’s way, which is why Donald had to be pulled from office for a while in order to get in line with God’s way. That would make sense do two things going so seemingly awry over the past couple years.  But also another prophet guy has been saying for years that Donald Trump was not listening to God and was doing things his own way therefore there would be a mess to come the future and I believe he would say a lot of people would die because of it. Then again is it’s really Donald Trump or the entire MAGA Team, the MAGA Team leaders making the decisions?  Who is really making the decisions here?  That reminds me of another prophet  three or four years ago, maybe would is Mike Thompson I can’t remember, or maybe it was someone writing, a prophet writing on the Elijah list.com mentioning some of the military leaders said that listening to Jesus was “superstition” so there it figure things out their own way ( not smart – that always leads to a mess and losing when you leave God out). 

  • Therefore you’ll need to learn how to become very healthy and maintain that level of health. What I can tell you that successful healthcare professionals are doing and have been doing ever since Hippocrates and probably before, is that they respect the design of the body and they usually tuned back to a diet closer to what was stated for humans to eat in the book of Genesis.
  • Now speaking of book of Genesis and diet others will say that God told people they can eat meat after the flood. But that meat back then is way different than the “meat” that we have mostly available today, way different. Today’s animals you could say are Frankenanimals, filled with all sorts of experiments, in genetic modifications, while they consume various chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, genetically mutated foods, while eating the wrong types of foods for that animal for example grain fed cattle versus grass fed cattle.  And when the animals eat the wrong types of foods and taking a bunch of poisons well that affects the meat of the animal. And then we take in that meat.  
  • For example I remember reading in a health book about how a particular tribe I believe it was aborigines in Australia or maybe some other tribe consistently had perfect teeth that were even straight. There was no need for braces. Why was that? After much research they found that not only did the a lot of plants and vegetables the animals they ate ate a lot of greens that were rich in vitamin K2. In vitamin K two pushes calcium into the bones and teeth.  So these people have fully formed and continually reforming jaws.  Interesting huh!  
  • According to others though they say that the medbeds are to be released that will cure people from all the vaccines release.  Yet for most of us they can keep talking about that that is but until they release them they are just imaginary talk to most people. It’s better to try and prevent the problem in the first place.  it is also said that the medbeds only work on spiritually righteous people so then therefore they would not work on those who are wicked minded which many would argue would be most people take vaccines or who think that these mark of the beast style COVID-19 vaccines are okay to gamble on even though they were told the cures early on by Donald Trump and others, including those listed on this website.
  • For those who are extra worried in terms of their age group: you may want to research into this return to Genesis type of approach eating mostly fruit or all fruit for cleansing and then maybe a consideration of fruits, nuts, seeds ( flaxseeds, Chia seeds, sesame seeds etc.) as your diet.  And if you do the getting grains which you want to avoid if you are trying to bring your body back into a pristine state, but if you do have grains you want to look for non-hybridized grains.  You definitely don’t want modern semi dwarf grain week since that’s a hidden GMO designed to work with Monsanto’s chemical pesticides and fertilizers that comes out of the “Green Revolution” of the 50s and 60s.

On that note why would a virus, a bacteria, a fungus or mold proliferate in the body? Well what’s the role at least of bacteria fungus and mold? Well what we call bad bacteria fungus and mold are there to clean things up. So that would mean that if you that junk inside of you then these bad bugs, including you could probably say viruses, would thrive. And because most people have been primed for a bacterial or viral infection to spread because of all the junk and poisons they take into their body without even meeting the daily average essential nutrients, they are primed for a spread of these bad bugs throughout the body to just simply do their natural job which is to clean up junk.

For example cockroaches: where do they gather? A clean home that stays on top of countertop and floor cleaning or a dirty home that hardly ever gets cleaned and has food crumbs all over the floor, dead skin cells, boogers, hair, even fecal matter remnants etc…     

Where do buzzards gather?  they gather to clean up an animal that has already died. As to my knowledge they don’t kill animals it is way for them to be for example, roadkill.

In a  back of oranges, you can have one orange that turns green with mold. But you  can also have 10 other oranges in the bag that are fine and dandy for days or even weeks.  How is that? Well with fruit most the time it’s weakest to the cells of the fruit which is caused usually by kinetic damage meaning that a part of the orange would have gotten smushed, usually, but could be other factors that need to that area of the orange weak.   And fungus, whether it flow around in flew into the refrigerator, or was already on the orange hiding out have been floating around and landed on the range maybe in the grocery store or as other health care researchers have mentioned, fungus could also be an outfection meaning  orange cells mutate into fungal cells.   and you now there’s an interesting wanted to this because why? After decades of watching oranges get fungal infections, rotting, I noticed that they always get the exact same greenish whitish mold.  It’s always the same. It always smells the same. Why would need get some other type of mold? Why wouldn’t it get, for example, black mold that grows on the showers? so because he gets the same mold each time there is a logical tying in to that possibility and probability of the orange cells mutating, transmuting into these fungal cells.  I’m not personally certain because I have not done extensive research on that but that argument is strong because…

The way master healers heal people with natural foods and herbs and other logical protocols that align with the design of the human body and nature focuses on removing the reason why the problem is there in the first place, focusing on removing the reason a viral, fungal, bacterial infection or cancer tumors for that matter to exist there. And then they strengthen the cells so healthy cells can remain and hold their own thereby not getting the infected or mutating into cancer cells.

Cleanse and strengthen. Cleanse and strengthen.  That is the key to healing most disease according to proven success by many healthcare professionals even proven in court.   

Stop listening to demons for your health advice.


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