Two Hot Ladies Have Important Military Message

Two Cutiepies, Who Happen to Be In Jesus’ Blood Line According to the New Info the White Hats Are Giving, Who Are Both Military, One is Tesla’s Niece, Have a Message for You Going Forward So You Don’t Get into Trouble and Miss Out…

Cool, Down to Earth, Straight Talkin Ladies – America Needs More Women Like This

  • We’re transition
  • Serious emails coming out – don’t miss.
  • NESARA coming soon.
  • Don’t spend too much on dinnerware lol.
  • Everyone will be healed 
  • Don’t be throwing shade at others.  OBEY THE NEW TESTAMENT!  See the list of the Commands of Jesus of the New Testament from the right hand sidebar and master them. 
  • Everything you do is tracked
  • All humans need to get together
  • Get rid of labels. 
  • Stop judging.  Flush your opinions down the can. Stop worrying. Judging and worrying is sin.
  • Religion created by Cabal to separate us, put us down, put us into bondage. 
  • We the people are the storm.  Wake up and take over. Take your planet back. 
  • Cabal is all gone.
  • Raise your consciousness.
  • We’re just getting started.
  • Everyone needs to go to local tax collector office and file as independent not Republican so you can vote for JFK Jr for president after QFS.  Trump is King of the World.  Did you know DJT is King of Saudi Arabia?  Wow lol.  Awesome.  I think he’s king of UK.  Maybe the world.  We’ll see soon.  Donald Trump name means world leader.  Can’t think of a better heart and personality to do that.   Did you know DJT is Isaiah 45 2.0?  READ IT!  If you’ve been following what has been going on since 2015 you’ll see how everything lines up including taking no pay for what he’s doing with God going before DJT to take down Babylon (Cabal, Reptilians, Zionists, Satanists etc.)  Start reading Isaiah over and over and be amazed at the parallels to what is going on right now. 


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