Trust vs. Faith – Which Is It? Discovering Trust Part 1

Trusting God. Believing God.  Having Faith in God.  What Does it All Really Mean?   

This is Part 1 in this Series Journey that We All Need to Figure Out and Do So Quickly Especially Since Our Eternity Depends on It

Trust verses belief verses faith… It’s all so confusing. Haven’t you been confused by all these terms over the years.

Let’s figure this out finally. Let’s figure out what trust means especially between you and God. Let’s figure out what faith means. Let’s figure out what belief means. Since this is the main focus of the entire Bible and your eternity depends on it, shouldn’t we figure this out and you so quickly. I would say so. Let’s get this done.

Remember God says my people perish for lack of knowledge perish due to lack of prophetic vision. This means that people aren’t thinking straight and they’re thinking about just them in this realm. They’re not even thinking about what happens after you die. I thought it was common sense to thinking wonder and even worry about what happens after you die. Listen to sound smart and make sure or at least try your best to make sure that your future is going to be a good one?

Now I know how to trust someone. And I know how to distrust someone. That’s pretty easy. I’ve got that one down. I intuitively know how to do it. I don’t even need anyone to teach me how to trust someone or distress them. Although technically, I did need to be retaught a more genuine non-confused trust and I did need to be taught, or rather untaught a bunch of gobbledygook put into my brain by schools and religion about God and how I can trust Him personally, as in person to Person.

I don’t know how to Faith someone. I mean would you say to someone, “Hey bro, I faith you…”? No course not that doesn’t sound right.

And on that note I’m not totally sure on how to have faith in someone. Although I kind of get it it’s a bit vague. I think most people get a little bit confused over the word faith and they’re not quite sure what it actually is. And this confusion usually create frustration or just an overwhelms people where they get to the point that they stop thinking about or trying to figure out what this “faith” word means.

Let’s look at some definitions: Since we are speaking English here let’s go right to an original English dictionary, the Cambridge Dictionary.

“Trust” – let’s look at the definition as a verb:
“to have confidence in something, or to believe in someone:
[ T ] Trust me – I would never lie to you.
[ T ] I was tested, but I’m not sure I trust the results.
[ I ] I have finally learned to trust in my own abilities. “

I can relate to that. How about you? I know how to believe in someone even though I may even have to believe is a verb or “fake it till you make it” as in you just choose to believe in someone even though they don’t really give a lot of reasons or evidence to believe in them. (Now there’s a marriage tip for wives especially – men need that big time. If you disbelieve and distrust a man, he just turns off to you, shuts down).

Also I know I how to have different levels of trust in something or someone for different circumstances. That said I will tend to favor trusting and believing in someone since I know how strongly distrusting or disbelieving and someone can undermine them or even turn them against you.

I even understand how to impute trust to someone when they don’t even trust themselves to do something thereby empowering them at least for a moment, that is if they don’t think too much about it. For example I can pass someone a basketball imputing trust into that pass that they’re just going to make that shot from the 3-point line. And most of the time they do to surprisingly make that three points shot to their surprise as well. You see it all the time on TV and sports. Michael Jordan was very good at doing that as I remember, which is why people played so well around him that were not expected to play that well and they didn’t play so well without him on other teams.

What does it mean to trust God by this definition? In part it means to believe what He said in the Bible. It means to believe all of what He said, that it works out for good and it works out for your good if you trust Him for understanding, trusting Him for your benefit now and into to all eternity.

Who are the most talented people at trusting? I mean these people are professional at trusting. They are… kids! Especially younger ones although maybe not so much if they are in high school. I hope you remember that you have to become like a child in order to even get into Heaven….

Now that’s a strong statement indeed. And if God the Son Himself says it then you know that he’s not kidding around. Is there any joking around in the entire Bible? I don’t recall anything that is joking around. Everything is genuine and straightforward, pure and honest after my experience of reading the Bible over and over and over and over and over again… (which you should start doing immediately also – see our volume Bible reading System and Plans for free.)

To Be Continued into Part 2


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