The Trumpet of Judah – Donald John Trump in Bible Codes

The Trumpet of Judah – Donald John Trump in Bible Codes

See a 2nd Bible Codes Video Below as well so there are 2 videos, the second has more codes.

Here are the codes from video 1:

Oh yes Hillary Rodham Clinton is in Here too

Trump in Bible Codes Video II

  • Sept Wiki Leaks Clinton can’t hide
  • Trump forgive
  • Media Lie Mislead is NWO Scams Treason
  • Believe will see can’t hide fraud
  • Assange sept uncover a woman treason can’t hide Rodham Clinton emails foundation will see scams hc loses.
  • prayed elected DT to delay is elul is nwo i not let agenda is nwo media fear Trump scams Rodham media fear votes no fear Trump sees mislead uncover Manafort fired years
  • Kelly a woman to save mislead election recover polls lie is NWO Donald at Elite scams polls lie ballot
  • HC vs DT fraud foundation a woman rigged to steal i not let Rodham to prison murdered (all murders recorded in Bible codes) October media lie to steal fears
  • DT agenda prayed about space an hour elects sake three years a half from DJT DT is delay election elected DT I delay
  • is NWO fired is NWO AC IS BHO for elects shortened DT Trumpet Sixth DT for Mercy three years for elects I delay saints win no fear saints win DT chosen DT win all election came to me Trump white horse DT is presi is USA the truth loud voice DT Trumpet C three end days doctrine anointing John the truth sixth DT trumpet knowledge rejected Trump media lie the truth Kelly sept a woman start to to trust Trump DT is delay prayed GODS mercy the Trumpet no fear

Trump in Bible Codes Video 1

end times
in the end
Great voice babylon trump
end times
knowledge revealed
into all the country
them are ye so without understanding
which was spoken by the prophet
a loud voice
my land judah
is judah
donald my land loud voice
the prophets
fear not
is usa
fear not a loud voce king of saints states is ussa
in babylon
the pure in heart for they shall see God blessed
which was spoken by the prphet
israel john judah are sisters.
trump.  called.  voices of the trumpet
america revealed. scripttures.  worthy to be called. is a merica
israel judah
from un seat.  states.  knowledge.  the prophets.  are sisters.
in usa. israel.  states.  are sisters.
knowledge babylon new york
america is babylon
great voice new york will burn
called a lot voice voices of the Trumpet, blessed
not taste of death till they have seen the kingdom of God come
is mine
the prophets
barry antichrist revealed in the end bho is ac (ombama? is antichrist)
oh – Barack Obama in UN Seat as antichrist
donald is of me is mine
barry bo is ac.  were brought to babylon
b obama is usa states my land obama bo is ac
john donald  the scriptures must be fulfilled  trump is mine blessed.
Rivals judah
trump is mine
donald a loud voice
fear not  knoweledge

Bible codes back up Mark Taylor’s prophecy

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